Defining Adventure in Outdoor Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Nov 29, 2022

Outdoor Trailers – Redefining What Adventure Means to You

The call has finally come – that long-awaited road trip where you are needed to be the food and accommodation jockey while your team completes their arduous off-track race. Taking the covers off the outdoor trailers fills you with a sense of pride knowing that you are an integral part of keeping them race-ready daily. Conqueror’s outdoor trailers leave you prepared at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is pack the meat and braai wood.

Conquering All Types of Terrain

Traversing any terrain is possible with outdoor trailers from Conqueror. Our Comfort Recce Limited Edition, Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Recce Limited Edition and Compact Platinum Edition will see you through every gruelling stage of the race, from beginning to end. From the bustling tarred roads of Johannesburg to the majestic dunes in Namibia, our outdoor trailers will see you through the on-road and off-road tracks with ease.

Designed to Last

Travelling through landscapes that redefine adventure calls for outdoor trailers that will last. As various terrains and climates make most products susceptible to corrosion, the chassis and core body frames of Conqueror’s models are manufactured using electro-galvanized steel. To reduce the towable weight, aluminium is used in the construction of the doors and furniture; and our awnings are made from coated ripstop canvas enhancing their durability.

Tested Time and Again

Endurance is tested in a race, as well as in your outdoor trailer. Traversing through mountainous paths, dodging stones and brush, and standing up to the windswept plains of the Namib desert is a challenge that our vehicles can eliminate. Using a combination of powder-coated electro-galvanised steel and aluminium offers a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chipping, wear and fade. Conqueror’s modular design allows for easy panel replacement in the event of any unforeseen accidents. The materials used to reduce metal fatigue and corrosion make our outdoor trailers more durable and longer lasting.

Much-needed Respite

At the end of the day, your team needs a place to sit back, relax and unwind before starting again at dawn. The convenient and quick set-up, with large slide-out kitchens, ample food storage, comfortable beds, additional awning space and an instant, on-demand hot-water geyser with shower plumbing will have them fed, clean and rested in no time.

Off-road Caravans

Conqueror Offers Support Throughout

As much as your team will be depending on you, you can depend on us. Our extensive dealer network means that should something unforeseen happen along the way, we will be a mere phone call away getting you back on the road in time to meet your team, set up the awning and prepare a quick snack before they need to complete the next leg.

With our branded apparel and accessories on offer, who knows? Maybe it will be “Team Conqueror” crossing the finish line next year.