Adventure with a Quality Off Road Trailer

by Conqueror Admin | May 25, 2022

Start Your Adventure with a Quality Off Road Trailer

South Africa’s landscape offers the intrepid explorer the opportunity to discover all the nooks and crannies our country offers. From the rolling plains of the Karoo to the majestic mountains of the Drakensberg and the miles of coastline that surround us, adventure abounds around nearly every corner. From the days of the Voortrekkers, we have been packing our belongings in trailers and travelling around the country. The only difference now is that you can do it with more horsepower and in more comfort with a quality off road trailer.

Rugged Design with Attitude

For our intrepid explorers, Conqueror offers the Comfort Recce Limited and Compact Recce Limited Editions range of quality off road trailers that are not only built to navigate treacherous terrain but have extras that make your rugged outdoor adventure a little bit more homely.

Through the unique design and assembly techniques, Conqueror has designed them in such a way that metal fatigue is significantly reduced, and body flex is greatly improved resulting in a more durable and longer-lasting quality off road trailer. All structural components are designed and manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight making it easier for you to take them to those semi-unreachable, never-seen-before places with ease.

A Slice of Luxury

Technical aspects aside, Conqueror would like you to sit back and enjoy your surroundings once you have reached your ultimate hideaway. The Comfort Recce Limited and Compact Recce Limited Editions are quality off road trailers that feature little luxuries that you would not expect. Interior comfort includes Recce-branded convoluted extended mattresses with bed linen making for a comfortable and peaceful night’s rest.

Conqueror’s Recce quality off road trailers come standard equipped with 270-degree Insta-Awn and groundsheets which provide for extra outdoor space. Gone are the days when you need to set up camp close to a town just in case you run out of fresh supplies, gas or water as the Recce range of quality off road trailers come with jerry cans, gas bottles and stainless steel fridges.

Durable off road trailer

Enjoy All Nature Has to Offer

At Conqueror, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your getaway and have made it easy for you to assemble and set up your temporary abode without wasting too much time. Once done, all you have to do is start a fire, set up the camping table and chairs, put up the LED lights, take out the Recce braai grill and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Life is a journey, so enjoy the ride with Conqueror’s range of Comfort Recce Limited and Compact Recce Limited Edition quality off road trailers. Contact us for more information.