Adventure Begins with Off Road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 19, 2022

Extreme Adventure Begins with Off Road Trailers

Being an extreme sports enthusiast means travelling to those hard-to-reach places. Invariably it includes hiking to a camping site before taking off in your parachute or white river rafting on the Umkomaas River. If you are an adrenalin junky or a stalwart adventurer who wants to do things differently, then off road trailers are just what you need to complete your experience. Whether you are mountain climbing, sky diving or planning to be the next Evil Knievel, you can set up camp wherever the action takes you.

Tough and Rugged with Attitude

The last thing you need to worry about on your extreme adventure break is finding a suitable spot to set up camp after an adrenalin-filled day. With Conqueror’s range of off road trailers, you can set up camp at the base of a dune or near a mountain peak, easy and effortlessly. Complete off roading is possible with the Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition or Compact Recce Limited Edition trailers.

off road trailers

With a 2.5-ton solid beam axle, auto reverse coupler and a run-in brake system, no terrain will get the better of you. A hot-dipped galvanised boxed A frame and chassis ensure our camper trailers can handle more wear and tear as they are corrosion-free and require less maintenance. At the off road trailers’ rear are heavy-duty support legs allowing stability no matter where you decide to set up camp.

Cleverly Compact

Sleeping two or more, Conqueror’s camper trailers cleverly fit in most of the comforts of home. A heavy-duty canvas ripstop tent can be set up in mere minutes allowing you more time to do what you enjoy. At the end of the day, the pull-out kitchen with gas burners and designated storage will make it easy for you to cook a meal in no time at all. After a gruelling hike, our integrated plumbing with an auto shut-off water pump and instant hot water geyser will provide relief and relaxation.

Streamlined for Convenience

Two deep cycle batteries together with a 12V Anderson plug for DC charging from your vehicle or solar panels allow you to sit back, relax, read a book or catch up on the news after your thrill-seeking day. On the interior and exterior, our off road trailers have everything you could need and more.

Leaving the extreme sporting to you, Conqueror will take care of the rest with our range of off road trailers. After all, the ultimate sport is in the journey, and no one does it better than Conqueror. Contact us for more information.