Wide Selection of Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 19, 2022

Caravans for Sale – Taking Your Home with You, Wherever You Go

With more people working remotely, the need to be in one place permanently is a thing of the past. Being able to go wherever your fancy takes you and sustaining yourself at the same time is what’s possible with the wide range of caravans for sale. The best part about a caravan lifestyle is that you get to always enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings.

No Need to Compromise

If giving up too many creature comforts feels like a sacrifice and luxury is what you are after, then you will be spoilt for choice with Conqueror’s range of caravan. Our range consists of the UEV-14, UEV-17, UEV-25, Commander Classic, Companion Classic, Companion Platinum Edition and Commander Platinum Edition. If you are planning to do more exploring than camping, the Commander Recce Limited and Companion Recce Limited Editions offer unrivalled off-road capabilities.

Rugged Exterior Meets Luxurious Interior

Our caravans for sale are ready to take on any type of landscape with their rugged exterior, and when you open them, the beauty within is revealed. Depending on the model you choose the interior layout provides you with ample storage space, comfortable sleeping quarters, LED lights, interior fans, wash basins and rear access doors. The exterior layout provides you with a kitchen that will rival any permanent one, allowing you the freedom to prepare meals effortlessly.

Keeping clean doesn’t mean you have to rush off to the local ablutions every morning, the integrated plumbing systems in our caravans allow you access to instant hot water in fully enclosed shower cubicles. What more could you possibly need?

caravans for sale

Insta Awning will provide you with much-needed protection from the elements, especially on those rainy days.

The New Kid in Town

To make your choice just a little bit more difficult, Conqueror has added a new edition to the caravan family, the UEV-14i Urban Escape Vehicle. Ideal for two, it offers many of the same features as the other caravans for sale in our range, including a comfortable slide-out bed, an easy-to-set-up dinette area and a kitchen layout with a four-plate gas stove. If interior space is a concern, the pneumatic pop-up roof offers more headroom making it a comfortable living and sleeping area. With the range of caravans for sale, what makes this unique is the all-new suspension and chassis design.

Why Wait? Start Your Adventure Today

With enough dedicated external storage for any additional items that you can’t do without, there is simply no reason why you can’t live a roaming lifestyle. If you are looking for self-reliant exploration where the journey is just as important as the destination, look no further than Conqueror’s range of caravans for sale. Contact us to find out more.