Caravan for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 25, 2021

The Ultimate Caravan For Sale

There is a wide variety of campers available for sale today, with many different shapes and sizes to choose from for your particular needs. The selection gets drastically smaller if you need a caravan that can also handle itself off-road, and in this selected group, Conqueror caravans are the shining stars. We have the toughest, and most liveable, convenient caravans available today.

Have a closer look at one of the best caravans we offer for sale: the Conqueror Commander Recce Edition.

This special version of our Commander is beefed up with all the extras that are available to our customers upon the sale of a caravan or trailer. With this Recce Edition, we give it the full benefit of every upgrade we offer, resulting in one of the greatest out-of-the-box caravans in the world.

Caravans For Sale

From the ground up, the Commander Recce comes with upgraded air suspension, with a heavy-duty compressor, pipes and reservoir. This is coupled with heavy-duty shock absorbers for the best suspension kit one could wish for on a camper.

The body and frame components of this caravan are just as tough as the rest of our range, with modular galvanised frame and powder coated body components. We don’t compromise on quality and the best on offer is available on all of our campers.

Stepping inside, the Commander has two big beds, one roughly king-sized bed in the back and one queen-sized bed in the front. Twelve cupboards, six large shelves and many pockets and pouches are dotted around the cabin to store anything you need, in ample quantities. Two fans keep the air flowing while you enjoy some entertainment on the TV or radio, with DVD functionality and four speakers, all connected to a Shakespeare antenna.

Outside we have the standard pull-out kitchen drawer, with a dual plate gas burner, hot and cold water taps and plenty of storage space. The Recce Edition also comes with a full cutlery and crockery set and an 82.5 litre fridge. Another great feature is the huge 360-degree awning. This provides remarkable ground coverage, and with drop-down walls attached, makes for a huge tented area.

The Recce Commander also comes fitted with a smart electrical controller for managing water use as well as the solar panel array that comes in the bundle.

You’ll never find another camper for sale as tough and as comfortable as the Commander Recce Edition. To find out more about this amazing caravan, contact our friendly team or browse its details HERE.