Uniquely Designed Off Road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Apr 18, 2023

Conqueror’s Off Road Trailers are Designed and Engineered to Handle the Toughest Conditions with Ease  

Going adventuring in off road trailers is similar to backpacking through unknown territory, only with the added benefit of getting there quicker and being able to create a more luxurious camping site. Whether your adventurous spirit seeks out hiking trails up steep mountain paths, kayaking down rapid rivers, or crossing desert dunes, Conqueror’s off road trailers are designed and engineered to handle the toughest terrain with ease.

Translating Our Experiences into the Design of Off Road Trailers

As avid campers ourselves, we at Conqueror have taken every consideration into account with the design of our off road trailers, from the exterior body of the trailers to the chassis. Knowing that our off road trailers will be facing some extended rough conditions, we opted to use electro-galvanised steel for our chassis and core body frames.

We want our off road trailers to last and have used powder-coated finishes on the body to provide a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chips, and general wear and tear. The structural components of our off road campers are designed and manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight.

Unique Assembly Techniques

Taking a leaf from the aeronautical industry has enabled us to manufacture off road trailers using unique design and assembly techniques, which significantly reduces metal fatigue and body flex, giving you trailers that are durable and long-lasting. Adding to the longevity of Conqueror’s off road trailers is the modular component design, which allows for easy panel replacement in the event of accident damage.

Conqueror Patriot

Easier Handling and Lighter Towing Capabilities

Part and parcel of the body design is having off road trailers that will be able to handle all types of topography with relative ease. A 2.5 ton solid beam axle with greaseable eye-to-eye shackle leaf springs provides more than enough support and flex between the wheels, axle, and suspension, allowing for balanced weight distribution when negotiating gravelled and rough terrain. This together with the use of aluminium for our door frames and interior furniture significantly reduces towing weight and results in a better towing experience overall.

Awnings and Accessories

We have extended the longevity and durability of our off road trailers to the awnings by avoiding the use of less hard-wearing materials. By selecting coated ripstop canvas over other fabrics, we have been able to provide external covering that gives more stretch and movement. It has an extraordinary resistance to wear and tear.

Knowing that there could be a need for additional add-ons, we have made provision for this by including anchor points, mounting holes, and routings as part of our basic trailer design, allowing for easier equipment installation at any stage.

From “tip to toe”, every element of design and engineering of Conqueror’s off road trailers has taken safety, comfort, and maximum off road capabilities into account, making sure that your time is spent exploring the unknown and creating memories that last a lifetime. Get in touch for more information.