Folding Caravan Awning Sales

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 07, 2022

Folding Caravan Awning and Other Accessories for Every Adventure

If you are old enough to remember how caravans used to be, then you will remember how long it took to set up the tent sections with the squabbles and frustrations that this little chore used to cause. Now, instead of setting a whole day aside to set up camp, it can be done in mere minutes with the folding caravan awning that is the perfect accessory for Conqueror’s caravans.

Anticipating Your Needs with Folding Caravan Awnings and More

Equipping our range of caravans and camper trailers with accessories makes your holiday experience more enjoyable and takes the hassle out of having to pack the car with extra items. All of Conqueror’s models can be kitted out with a purpose-made range of tents, awnings and accessories. To ensure that our accessories meet your every need, we have made provisions for most add-ons during the design process.

Companion Classic

Insta-Awn – the Perfect Folding Caravan Awning

As the name suggests, Insta-Awn provides an instant way to set up an awning. A uniquely designed frame with integrated drop-down poles makes it possible to set up in just a few minutes. Indeed, our setup is the quickest in the market. As much as the awning is needed to protect the outside of caravans and camper trailers, it also needs to provide cover when it rains. Specialised steel brackets that fit onto the caravan prevent leaks between the caravan and the awning giving you a dry spot to sit under and wait out the rain. When not in use, folding the awning away is just as easy. Our awnings have been recognised as the best-designed and of the highest quality in the industry.

Keeping You Covered at All Times

As much as you convince yourself that phones are not needed, on those days when the weather dictates otherwise our inverters and charging kits will keep the entire family entertained and you can catch up on your favourite shows whilst you wait out the storm.

A Mobile Tiny House

At Conqueror, we think of everything. On those mild-weather evenings when you can relax outside and enjoy the sounds of nature, but still need to light your way, we offer the option of LED lights integrated into the swing arms. Add some solar panels and a battery or two and you will never be in the dark. On those hot summer days, our stainless steel fridge/freezers will keep your drinks ice cold while the kids can cool down with an ice cream or two.

At Conqueror, we want you to enjoy your time away and have tried to make our accessories as simplistic to use and accessible as possible. Our camping trailers and caravans can easily become your own mobile tiny house while you’re traversing the unexplored corners of the country.