Living in Luxury Off-Road Caravans

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 25, 2021

Lavish Living in Luxury Off-Road Caravans

Conqueror luxury off-road caravans strive to make comfortable living possible no matter where in the country you find yourself parked. Of course, this would be near impossible without that ubiquitous modern convenience that is electricity. Our caravans feature an electrical system fitted with two deep-cycle batteries, for maximum capacity that could last several days depending on the uses.

Extending the luxury of warm water, light and other electronics and appliances is made easy with solar panels, with which all our off-road caravans and trailers are compatible. We also offer an optional upgrade to the electrical regulator which includes an MPPT solar panel regulator to boost charging efficiency.

A solar cell setup can grant you more flexibility in site choice too since you will no longer be so reliant on fixed power sources. This makes it possible to go where few are able and have much more space to yourself camping in your Conqueror caravan.

The luxury of endless off-road electricity depends on getting a few things right, like the choice of solar panels. The choice between rigid or flexible panels, for example, will have different effects on your responsibilities around the campsite.Luxury Off-Road Caravan

Flexible solar panels can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use, and deployment is a matter of plugging it in and rolling it out in the sun. They are also far less fragile than their rigid counterparts, and so can be an easy choice for luxury off-road caravans.

Rigid solar panels, on the other hand, are rather difficult to store, and so are more suited for being mounted on your caravan or vehicle. They offer the benefit of higher efficiency, though, and will often remain deployed permanently, requiring no intervention on your part.

The next thing to consider is the average temperature that the solar panels will be operating in. These panels have ideal operating temperatures, at which they operate with maximum efficiency. Depending on the exact materials in a given solar panel, the ideal operating temperature will vary, so keep an eye on this when choosing the panels for your setup.

Finally, make sure to keep your panels clean, since even thin layers of dust can have a significant impact on charging efficiency. Mounted panels are particularly vulnerable to becoming dusty in off-road conditions if they remain deployed permanently. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions carefully and you will ensure the luxury of a cold beer never escapes you.

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