Top Outdoor Campers for Your Next Adventure

by Conqueror Admin | May 18, 2023

Top Outdoor Campers for Your Next Adventure

Exploring the outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends without distractions sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Outdoor campers are a great way to get from normal confines and seek out new adventures with loved ones, without having to compromise too much on comfort. Our range of outdoor campers at Conqueror will afford you the convenience that you have come to rely on with the capabilities to take you where you want, whether you are a seasoned traveller or just finding your way.

Select Your Own Campsite with Outdoor Campers

Gone are the days when camping trips had to be planned to make sure that the destination you choose comes with bathroom facilities, electricity, and other amenities. At Conqueror, our outdoor campers have been specifically designed to go off the beaten track, and with that in mind, we have included water storage, integrated plumbing with instant hot water, deep cycle batteries, showers, and convenient retractable kitchen cupboards and gas burners, giving you more options when choosing camping sites.

Off-road Caravans

Setting Up

Accomplished adventurers have setting up outdoor campers down to a fine art. If you are a novice to adventure-seeking thrills, we understand that there can be a degree of trepidation and you want to look like a semi-pro before heading out in your Conqueror outdoor camper. Unlike conventional camping where it can take hours of practice to learn how to pitch a tent, we can have you looking like a pro in no time. The integrated drop-down legs of our awnings make for easy assembly without having to struggle with several tent poles, and our quick foldout stabiliser legs ensure that your camper won’t rock or tip backward when uncoupled.

Camping Essentials

Whether your planned trip is for a quick weekend getaway or a lengthy road trip, you don’t need to be weighed down by countless camping gear. At Conqueror, we have thought of everything, including comfort. Our outdoor campers provide ample storage for necessities like clothes and groceries, fridges to keep produce fresh, dedicated cutlery and crockery drawers, slide-out two-plate gas stoves, and large, comfortable king-size beds, sparing you the task of blowing up mattresses. Of course, we didn’t stop there. Our fully equipped Comfort Recce Limited Edition and Compact Recce Limited Edition outdoor campers come kitted out with their own branded gear, such as linen sets, gas bottles, jerry cans, solar panels, and the all-important braai grill, to name a few.

You will Never be Left Stranded

In the event of an emergency, we have seen to it that our outdoor campers have designated recovery points as well as spade and axe mountings, as even experienced explorers can find themselves in a tight spot.

Exploration with a touch of luxury is what you can expect from us at Conqueror, whether you select our Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, or the preferred extras that come with our Recce editions.