Conqueror’s Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Feb 27, 2023

What Sets Conqueror’s Camping Trailers Apart from the Rest?

Many off-road enthusiasts are plagued with the number of camping trailers there are to choose from. Which one to select is a difficult decision to make – one made simpler when you find out about the durability offered by Conqueror’s range. From the durable and rugged exterior to the luxury and comfort afforded by the interior layout, you will understand why Conqueror’s camping trailers stand out from the rest. 

Tough Enough for the Military

With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing caravans and trailers, Conqueror has perfected off-road adventuring. Our trailers were originally designed for military use which gave us the idea to extend that military toughness to the exterior of our trailers whilst maintaining a level of comfort for the interior.

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Durable Materials

Realising that our camping trailers would be taken through a couple of rough places, we decided to forego using stainless steel and turned our sights to the excellent corrosion resistance of electro-galvanized steel instead. Using this steel for the chassis and core body frames together with aluminium for the doors and furniture ensures that our models will remain structurally sound and be lightweight enough when towed.

Building on the concept of durability, we have used coated ripstop canvas for all of our tents and awnings. This material ensures resistance against extreme weather conditions and offers excellent thermal insulation.

The body’s modular design coupled with high-quality fasteners and high modulus polyurethane glue reduces metal fatigue and corrosion adding longevity to our campers.

Smooth Towing Experience  

Reaching your destination safely is our primary concern which we have seen to in the design of the suspension and chassis of our camping trailers. Keeping the centre of gravity low through 2.5-ton solid beam axles assures a smooth drive over rough terrain. Our auto reverse 2000kg coupler with a run-in brake system prevents any overrun when the brakes are applied.

Off-Road Adventuring

Should your adventurous spirit take you off the beaten track and you find yourself in a bit of trouble, our camping trailers come with conveniently located dedicated recovery points. Finding adventure around every corner could mean that you may be in a location longer than intended. With that in mind, Conqueror has made sure that you won’t run out of water, or gas or be left in the dark as our campers come with jerry cans, storage space for gas bottles, low-centre gravity water tanks as well as solar panels, deep-cycle batteries and 12V Anderson plugs.

Our experience has set the benchmark and made us the leaders in the industry. With all that Conqueror’s range of camping trailers has to offer, it is clear why our Comfort model won the prestigious Off-Road Trailer award. Get in touch with us today.