The Makes Of a Quality Off-Road Trailer

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 29, 2020

What Makes for a Quality Off-Road Trailer? We Explore 3 Answers

Upon meeting our friendly sales team, many of our valued customers are surprised that we are avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves. We know about all the best trails, camping hacks, and how to plan for an overland adventure. Most of all, we know what a quality off-road trailer looks like, which is why we have built our business around our industry-leading designs. If you would like to know the secret behind purchasing the best model for yourself, have a look at these three points of consideration.

  1. Design Specifications Are Essential

A quality off-road trailer needs to tackle tough terrain and come away from it without falling to pieces. Our award-winning 4×4 trailers are some of the most hardwearing and reliable products on the market today – and it is all to do with how we construct them. We make sure to let our clients know precisely what it is they are getting, including:

  • Utilising top-notch electrogalvanised steel for chassis and core body frames, which follows the latest in motor industry standards.
  • Lightweight aluminium is used for our doors and furniture to keep the vehicle light.
  • Our chassis are made from 3 mm steel, and we reduce welding during construction to reduce metal fatigue and stress concentration zones on the model. Instead, we use bolts on smaller components. Component replacement is thus also easier.
  • We use only coated ripstop canvas for our tents, not nylon and less durable fabrics.
  • Chassis are assembled and hot-dip galvanised to protect against corrosion.
  • We use solid-beam, braked axles in each trailer.
  • At the end of the process, we powder coat over other finishes to offer resistance to scratches, chipping, wear, and fading.
  1. Look for Accessories and Extra Features

Accessory and extra feature add-ons come with two benefits: firstly, that you get to deck out your trailer with the latest, nifty gadgets, and secondly, it is usually an indication of a company that cares about their product. Here at Conqueror, our line of models accommodates a range of custom-fit accessories such as awnings. Anchor points, mounting holes, and routings incorporated into our designs make any equipment installation a breeze.

  1. An Extensive Dealership Network

Once you have your quality off-road trailer, you will probably want to test it out on a 4×4 trail road trip as soon as possible. We have a far-reaching dealership network across Southern Africa to help you with any support and advice you may need.

For your own quality off-road trailer, contact us online today or pop into one of our branches so we can get the ball rolling on your new adventure.