Investing in A Quality Off-road Trailer

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 12, 2019

How to Know You’re Investing in A Quality Off-road Trailer

As industry leaders in our category, we know a quality off-road trailer when we see one. After all, we dedicate our lives to perfecting 4×4 towing vehicles and providing our clientele with products made to the highest standards. It is not uncommon that we meet customers who have had a poor prior experience when it comes to trailers and caravans that let them down. If you currently have your eye on a specific model and want to know whether or not what you are getting is a worthwhile investment, this article is for you.

The Brand’s Track Record

One aspect possibly more important than the product itself is the brand with which you decide to partner. Companies spend years building up a professional name and one with an excellent track record is far easier to trust. Look for a business with plenty of years in the industry and in-depth knowledge about what it takes to craft a quality off-road trailer. Spend time exploring their website and social-media pages and talk to staff at a branch near you. Researching a few brands will quickly alert you to which only use cheap sales gimmicks and which are the real McCoy.

How It’s Constructed

If a supplier is unclear about how they design and manufacture their products, steer clear. At Conqueror, we utilise several design methods such as:

  • Using electrogalvanised steel for chassis and core frames.
  • Doors and furniture made from lightweight aluminium.
  • Tents made from coated ripstop canvas.
  • Chassis made from 3-mm steel with welding kept to a minimum to reduce metal fatigue.
  • Solid-beam, braked axles used in each off-road trailer.
  • Powder coating over finishes to resist scratches, chips, wear, and fade.

Accessories the Model Accommodates

Whether you want to introduce a luxury mattress or an awning to your chosen off-road trailer, first explore whether the design accommodates such accessories. We have a range of quality accessories all custom-made to fit.

Public Response to the Model

Word of mouth, online forums, reviews, and rewards will often tell a similar story – whether or not a brand is worth your time. If the public’s response to your desired model is positive, it may be wise to explore further.

Of course, for all of the above, you could just partner with Conqueror from the start. Our quality products are tried and trusted and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we won’t let you down. For any questions, concerns, or if you need information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop into your nearest branch.