The Best Off Road Campers

by Conqueror Admin | May 18, 2023

The Best Off Road Campers for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Whether the adventurer in you wants to go on guided hiking trails over Namibia’s extensive dunes, go abseiling down Table Mountain, or take on tumultuous waters whilst kayaking in KwaZulu-Natal, our off road campers will get you there. When the great outdoors calls, our campers offer you all the functionality for handling rugged terrain with a touch of luxury and comfort once you have set up camp.

Durable and Long-Lasting Off Road Campers  

From the sealed door apertures right through to the rear stabilising legs, our off road campers have been designed to withstand extreme off-roading. Heavy-duty suspension and chassis have been specifically manufactured for rigorous outdoor adventuring, providing intrepid explorers with ample ground clearance. Using a combination of materials and assembly techniques from the motor and aeronautical industries ensures that the Conqueror off road camper you select is durable, forging new paths and adventures for many years.

Exceptional Chassis Construction

Built to handle rough roads for long periods, the chassis of our off road campers have been manufactured using smaller components that have been bolted together. Selecting this method over conventional chassis construction significantly reduces the risk of metal fatigue and stress concentration zones on the chassis. Reducing metal fatigue is crucial to the longevity of the chassis as subtle metal failure can go unnoticed until it is too late. The use of hot-dipped galvanised steel provides a tougher chassis coating, adding extra protection from corrosion and physical damage.

durable off-road trailers

Perfectly Balanced Suspension

Part of any off road experience is being able to tackle obstacles that you can’t in conventional campers. With that in mind, Our off road campers at Conqueror with 2.5-ton solid beam axles and all-terrain tyres give you the ground clearance, manoeuvrability, and handling capabilities that you would expect from a 4×4.

Revolutionary Materials

Selecting to use powder-coated body components that have been manufactured using a combination of electro-galvanised steel and aluminium over stainless steel has enabled us to offer campers that offer a higher degree of resistance to chipping, cracking, and fading. The use of lightweight materials in the modular design of our off road campers significantly reduces weight and makes it easier to replace panels should they get damaged. As vital as reduced metal fatigue is for the chassis, it is equally important for the body construction as well as protection from corrosion, ensuring the extended longevity and durability of your camper.

Perfectly Designed Interior and Exterior

A perfectly designed interior and exterior layout has allowed us to bring you some home comforts, even while you are traversing unknown destinations.

Whether you are a seasoned adventure enthusiast or you are still taking your first tentative steps, with an extensive dealer network, our team will be on hand to provide support, conduct services, or assist you with accessories that you might need along your route. Contact us today for more information.