Selecting a Camper Trailer

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 18, 2024

Freedom on Wheels: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Camper Trailer

For a long while, a camper trailer was a rare commodity, with caravans being the choice affordable accommodation for families and tents appealing to those that love roughing it. Camper trailers are the perfect balance between the two; however, what may initially seem like a wise investment can turn into a nightmare if the wrong type has been selected. Here to guide you through what to look for in a camper trailer is the company that has exceeded the benchmark in caravan and camper design, Conqueror.

What to Look for as a First Time Camper Trailer Owner

Our team at Conqueror want you to experience a lifetime of adventures and enjoy albums of memories. You can get it right if you consider the following:

  1. Where You Are Going

Some travellers take a more serene approach with camper trailers while other adventure enthusiasts can’t wait to tackle the roughest terrain. Where you want to go determines the type and strength of the camper trailer you select. At Conqueror, we don’t just claim that our campers can handle tough trails, we guarantee it. From design through to meticulous material selection and manufacture, every component of our trailers has been engineered to endure the paces that it will be put through.

  1. Quality of Construction

Always take your time to inspect the quality of the build. After all, if you are planning on travelling over mountainous topography, traversing on gravelled roads, and then camping in the middle of nowhere, you need to make sure that the chassis, suspension, door seals, and overall finishes live up to expectation.

Past experience has taught us that stainless steel is not the ideal building material as it is susceptible to corrosion and opted to follow motor industry trends by constructing our chassis and core body frames with electro-galvanised steel for durability and longevity. We have kept the chassis welding to a minimum to reduce metal fatigue and stress-concentration zones. Every aspect of construction has safety and adventure in mind.

  1. Storage, Space, and Snacks

Although a camper trailer is compact, it should be able to provide you with reasonable storage, living space, and an easy-to-use kitchen. Every Conqueror camper trailer comes standard with an awning but we do offer additional tents and awnings for extended room space. Ammo crates and dedicated exterior storage provide you with place to pack goodies and clothes.

Luxury Off-Road Caravan

Probably considered a major selling point for camper trailers is the kitchen layout. Where most will leave you wanting or having to use the back of your vehicle as food storage, we have configured our kitchens to fit seamlessly with the exterior yet be easily pulled out, containing everything you need.

Wherever your future trails may take you, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you have invested in a camper trailer from Conqueror – the leading caravan and camper manufacturers.