The Ultimate Off Road Trailer Campers

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 18, 2023

Conquer the Wild with Off Road Trailer Campers, Your Ultimate Adventure Companion.

It’s time to throw caution to the wind, leave your trusted navigation system behind, and rely solely on the stars and compass to guide you on your way when conquering the wild in one of our off road trailer campers. From the tow hitch through to the rear stabiliser legs, every design aspect of Conqueror off road trailer campers takes muscled mountaineers, daring dune surfers, and adventurous athletes through unbeaten paths and on roads less travelled with ease.

Off Road Trailer Campers Designed with Adventure in Mind

Putting your faith in a company that originally designed and manufactured trailers for the military means that you can be assured that the camper you select will be able to withstand the rigorous paces it will be put through. At Conqueror, we want you to explore all the scenic hidden treasures that Africa has to offer off the beaten track, and for this reason, have chosen to take a leaf from the motor industry by using electro-galvanised steel for the chassis and core body frames.The Ultimate Off Road Trailer Campers

By doing this, our enthusiastic explorers can take our trailers over hills and dunes of sky-scraping proportions, and you can choose the shorter distance through shallow riverbeds without fear of damaging or corroding the chassis and suspension.

Unique Assembly Techniques

The modular design and unique assembly techniques of our off road trailer campers offer a higher degree of resistance to wear and tear and significantly reduce metal fatigue and corrosion. The result is an off road trailer that is more durable and longer lasting – one that will be your exploration companion for decades to come.

Necessary Accessories

Should your manual directional tools prove to be more complicated to read and you find yourself in Melkbosstrand instead of De Aar where the weather or tides could turn at a moment’s notice, our water-tight awnings will keep you and your external set-up dry. The awnings of our off road trailer campers are made from heavy-duty rip-stop canvas and are recognised as the best designed, easiest to set up, and highest quality in the industry.

We Keep the Lights On

No matter where your trails find you, with us, you will never be left in the dark or out of touch. For those that cannot survive without their gizmos and gadgets, our off road trailer campers come equipped with deep cycle batteries and a 12V Anderson plug for direct charging from your vehicle or solar panels. Strategically placed in the sun, our solar panels will provide you with ample power for two or more days, giving you a much-needed respite from your adventures and a chance to catch up on the World Rugby Cup highlights and even catch a game or two.

Adventure doesn’t need to be expensive or big, it just requires investing in one of our off road trailer campers where every day is yours to explore, take chances, and make discoveries along the way.