Range of Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 27, 2023

Why You Should Choose Conqueror’s Range of Caravans for Sale

Whether your family adventure getaway takes you on roads less travelled or along tarred plains leading you to a secure camping site, Conqueror’s range of caravans for sale offers travellers a journey that begins once you are behind the wheel of your vehicle and towing one of our superior caravans. From the construction materials right through to the storage options in each of our caravans for sale, Conqueror has seen to it that your every need is met.

Improved Handling for a Better Towing Experience

At Conqueror, we want you to feel confident when towing one of our caravans for sale whilst going on rigorous off road excursions which is why the independent chassis with torsion bar provides you with stability and improved handling especially when travelling over corrugated and dirt roads.  The benefit of an independent suspension is increased ride heights and improved axle articulation over obstacles such as rocks.


Modular Design

The exterior of our caravans for sale is military-grade tough because of their superior design. The components are modular making panel replacement easier in the event of damage or an accident. Keeping you dry and relatively dust-free are the motor-industry grade door seals that fit solidly around the edges of all door apertures with the added benefit of retaining warmth in the caravan itself when camping during colder months.

Conqueror’s Range of Rugged Off Road Caravans

Don’t be fooled by the rugged exterior of Conqueror’s off road caravans as the interior and exterior layout give you that “home away from home” feeling when you get to your destination and set up camp. From fold-out beds that provide ample sleeping space to packing and storage for the entire family as well as optional media centres, your indoor comfort is taken care of. The exterior layout includes a perfectly designed kitchen with all that you could need for meal preparation and cooking, as well as shower and washing-up facilities, storage bins, dedicated gas bottle storage, rear storage racks and jerry can holders. In a Conqueror caravan, you will never be left without the necessities.

Setting the Benchmark in Design

Once again, Conqueror has raised the bar in design, build and luxury with our Urban Escape Vehicle range, UEV-25 and UEV-17. We have introduced an industry-patented first with our quick-fold side bed design giving you more sleeping space and doubling up as a comfortable dinette area, perfect for those inclement weather days.

Having won the coveted Caravan of the Year for two years in a row should give you an indication of what you can expect from a Conqueror caravan. Our caravans provide travellers with the freedom to explore when and where they want without limitations. Click here to view our range of rugged off road caravans.