There Is Adventure Around Every Corner

by Conqueror Admin | Feb 27, 2023

There Is Adventure Around Every Corner with Conqueror’s Caravans for Sale in South Africa

Family holidays are filled with memories and, as you start greying at the temples, it is those memories that stay with you, and you would want to recreate with your friends and family. With all the caravans for sale in South Africa, choosing the right one for your holiday may seem a tad daunting. What you need to invest in is a caravan that offers off-road capabilities as well as comfort and luxury, which is what you can expect from Conqueror.

Choose Your Camping Spot

Gone are the days when caravanning relied on having to find a decent designated camping site that had to be close to amenities. Depending on whether you want ultimate luxury, which you can expect from our UEV-25 or Companion Platinum Edition, or only a few of the creature comforts, Conqueror’s range of caravans for sale in South Africa come equipped with integrated plumbing, an instant hot-water geyser, an easy-to-set-up kitchen, comfortable beds, awnings and so much more. Deciding between the Commander, Companion or UEV range will be the only decisive action you will have to take.

Conqueror Off-Road Caravans

Suspension and Stabilisers

Our fully independent patented suspension with coil springs, trailing arms and torsion bar was designed for improved handling over any terrain. Should your path take you on gravelled or sandy roads, switch on the dust-limiting cabin pressure fans before you hit the open trail. The beauty of Conqueror’s caravans for sale in South Africa is that keeping the caravan level is a breeze. Air suspension levelling switches and rear foldout stabiliser legs keep your Conqueror stable no matter what type of terrain you camp on.

Everything Has Its Place

What other caravans for sale may not offer is enough storage space. If you want to extend your stay, Conqueror has made sure that not only is there more than adequate internal packing space but there are dedicated external storage space for gas bottles and tent poles. The jerry cans are neatly stored on the back of the caravans next to the spare wheel and easily accessible ammo crates contain enough room to pack any additional supplies.

Stocking up for an extended stay or a long road trip isn’t a problem as we make sure that the grocery cupboards are large enough to hold all your groceries, including any midnight snacks. Dual washbasins, comfortable work surfaces, two-plate gas burners and space for a microwave provide a fully equipped kitchen layout.

At Conqueror, we have thought of everything you could possibly need and have included some things that you would never expect. With everything that a Conqueror caravan has to offer, can you afford not to have one?