Quality Off Road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 25, 2022

Adventuring in a Quality Off Road Trailer Is Worth the Investment

Escaping the urban jungle to recharge your internal batteries, reconnect with nature and enjoy a little bit of adventure along the way without a pre-determined destination, is possible with a quality off road trailer.

A quality off road trailer is an investment that will pay off provided you find one that will stand up to the gruelling paces it will be put through and still provide adequate shelter when you need it. Conqueror’s range of campers, including the Comfort Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition, Compact Platinum Edition and Compact Recce Limited Edition, are manufactured from durable materials that ensure your off road trailer, no matter which model you choose, will take you on a lifetime’s worth of adventures.

Putting Your Off Road Trailer Through Its Paces

Your off road trailer is designed to take you on paths that are seldom travelled and, with this in mind, Conqueror’s range is manufactured using a combination of aluminium and motor industry-grade electro-galvanised steel. The parts are powder-coated making our off road trailers more resistant to scratches, chipping, general wear and fading. Quality through Conqueror means using military-grade materials that will not degrade or deteriorate over time. If taking your camper over valleys, mountains and dunes worries you, don’t let it. Our hot-dipped galvanised boxed A-Frame and chassis resting on 16” alloy rims and wheels, makes light work of any terrain.

Conqueror Off Road Trailers

We Won’t Leave You Stranded

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere shouldn’t be an ordeal if you have a quality off road trailer.  Our range comes standard equipped with dedicated recovery points for those extreme adventure enthusiasts. If your fear is running out of petrol, gas or water, then we’ve got you covered. With enough external storage space to hold two jerry cans, a gas bottle and a plumbing system that contains low-centre gravity water tanks, you can be sure that your camper can handle any situation it may face.

A Diamond in the Rough

As much as we claim that we are “roughing it”, a quality off road trailer will see to those little comforts that make a camping experience more pleasurable. Hot and cold wash-up facilities, an easy pull-out kitchen, an external shower and interior fans are just a few of the luxuries that Conqueror offers intrepid explorers.

A quality off road trailer should provide you with shelter that protects you from inclement weather. Conqueror has made sure that you will remain dry and protected from the elements as all our door apertures are sealed using motor industry-grade door seals.

Inland or coastal, having the freedom to explore wherever and whenever you want is easy with Conqueror. All you need to do is fill up your vehicle, hook up your quality off road trailer and you’re on your way.