Off Road Trailers are The Ultimate Camping Companion

by Conqueror Admin | Aug 17, 2022

Off Road Trailers – The Ultimate Camping Companion

Camping is the ideal way to experience the outdoors and get back to the basics. Getting away from suburbia and noisy neighbours, even for a weekend, seems like a slice of paradise. You only live once and you need to enjoy it. So stop procrastinating, choose a location or two, seek out your own adventure and be the master of your destination. You deserve a break and the best way to do so is with off road trailers. With them, you take your adventures with you wherever you may go.

Designed for Ruggedness, Styled for Comfort

Combining style with practicality is what Conqueror does best with our range of off road trailers. We understand that there is an intrepid explorer in all of us, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort. Our Compact Recce Limited Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition and Comfort Platinum Edition of off road trailers will take you on a journey to undiscovered places.

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Perfectly-designed kitchens offer slide-out, two-plate gas burners and comfortable working space. With loads of packing space, you won’t have to worry about running out of necessities. There is even a well-organised mini bar to mix up some cocktails for those evenings when you feel like socialising with your fellow campers. Turning in for the night, you can curl up and enjoy a luxurious sleep.

Multiple Awning Options

Whether you’re planning a weekend break or a longer trip, Conqueror’s off road trailers have you covered with awnings that can be made to your specific requirements. Providing extra space or shelter from the elements can be easily done with our 6m x 6m/7x7m awnings, L-shape or kitchen awnings. Our uniquely designed Insta-Awn with integrated dropdown legs will save you a lot of time as the setup is effortless.

All Terrain, All The Time

At Conqueror, we won’t leave you stranded. Our off road trailers come fully equipped with jerrycan holders, deep-cycle batteries, spare wheels, gas cylinder storage and a 12V Anderson plug for DC charging. Alloy rims are encased with all-terrain tyres, allowing you to explore paths that have not been accessed before. If you find yourself in a bit of a bind, the large nosecone, situated at the front of our off road trailers, has dedicated storage for axe and spade mountings, as well as a grass slasher.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

The hot-dipped galvanised boxed A-Frame and chassis, together with a 2.5-ton solid beam axle allows you to tackle any type of terrain as smoothly as possible.  Military tough, solid and compact but still adding a degree of luxury and comfort is what Conqueror’s range of off road trailers is all about.