Outdoor Campers Designed to Endure

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 21, 2023

Outdoor Campers: Your Ticket to Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences

If your outdoor experiences take you on over-border travels to see where oceans meet dunes or where mass flocks of flamingos congregate, then consider investing in outdoor campers from Conqueror. Selecting from our range of outdoor campers will not only get you there but will also provide you with all the amenities you could need and so much more.

Outdoor Campers Designed to Endure

Our outdoor campers are compact and light, making towing over or on any road a breeze. Our hot-dipped, galvanised boxed A-Frame and chassis together with auto reverse coupler and run-in brake systems make it possible to effortlessly hook our campers onto your 4×4 and go from tarred roads to navigating dunes without the vehicle or camper chassis taking too much strain. With frames and chassis offering superior protection against corrosion, and requiring little to no maintenance, our outdoor campers are highly durable and long-lasting.

Hier Gaan Ons Alweer - Angola

Hilly terrain, river beds, and steep mountainous dunes are easily conquered in our Comfort Recce Limited Edition, Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Recce Limited Edition, or Compact Platinum Edition. Most other caravans and campers hamper exploration due to their limitations. This is not the case with our outdoor campers as with every design aspect, we have one thing in mind – adventure.

Keeping the Lights On

Quite often, inland and overland trips are curbed due to extensive accommodation costs. The biggest advantage of outdoor campers is that you always have a roof over your head no matter where your excursions take you. Once at your destination, you can set up camp comfortably knowing that our outdoor campers will provide you with ample electricity and gas for weeks on end. Deep cycle batteries together with a 12V Anderson plug for DC charging from your vehicle or solar panels will keep the lights on. The quick and easy kitchen layout with two-plate gas burners will get your food cooked in record time, keeping ravenous adventurers fuelled for the next stop.

You Will Never Be Stranded

At Conqueror, we have thought of everything, including possible misadventures along the way. A 610-litre nosecone provides you with a dedicated grass slasher, axe, and spade mountings should your adventures have you banked in a dune or having to cut a path to uncover a veritable trove of undiscovered treasures.

Low-centre of gravity water tanks supply water through an integrated plumbing system, giving you a chance to wash off the dirt and grime from your trails. Committed storage for jerry cans gives you the freedom to travel as far as you dare without having to pre-plan your route around filling stations.

With the outdoor campers available from us at Conqueror, you can start your outdoor experience in eThekwini and land up along the Etosha Pan. We may not be able to define what adventure means to you but we can definitely help you get there.