High Quality Off-Road Trailer

by Conqueror Admin | Sep 30, 2020

How to Choose the Best Quality Off-Road Trailer

The days of sleeping on a hard floor of a tent when going camping are long gone. Even without having to invest in a motorhome or an excessive amount of equipment, you too can enjoy exceptional comfort and convenience when camping. All you need is a quality off-road trailer to enjoy an outdoor adventure like no other.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not so fast… If you truly want to experience the best an off-road trailer has to offer, it’s imperative that you choose a quality product. Not all 4×4 trailers are created equal, so make sure you select the perfect companion to meet your camping needs, and that won’t let you down.

Look at these features below when buying a quality off-road trailer.

What Construction Materials are Used

When it comes to investing in an off-road trailer, you want your choice to last. That means it needs to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Most trailers are made from pliable mild steel, but this is prone to corrosion. Electro-galvanised steel is sturdier and will last longer, especially near the coast, and is easy to repair.

How is the Chassis Constructed?

Considering the wear and tear the chassis needs to withstand, especially on off-road adventures, you want a quality solution that will last. Look for trailers of which the chassis feature as little welding as possible – this significantly reduces the risk of metal fatigue and stress concentration zones on the chassis. This also makes it much easier to replace components in the event of damage.

The Suspension Style and Wheels

If possible, choose independent suspension over conventional solid beam axles. It provides improved handling, improved axle articulation over obstacles, increased ride heights, and superior ride quality. The independent suspension offers a softer ride which translates into a better towing experience, especially on dirt roads.

Storage Capacity

The more storage space your trailer offers, the better. There should be enough storage compartments that are easy to reach to ensure you can pack your food, store your water, and take your toys with you. Also make sure there is space for tent poles and gas bottles.

Camping Comfort

For camping of the best kind, look for an option that offers ample bedroom and floor space, and a large kitchen and living area with ample workspace. The last thing you want is to be cramped and uncomfortable while camping.

If you’re looking for a quality off-road trailer, look no further than Conqueror. Talk to us to find out how the Conqueror trailers meet the above specifications, and to find out how much more they offer.