Quality Off-Road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Sep 02, 2020

Three Features of a Quality Off-Road Trailer

So, you’re an avid fan of the great outdoors and you love exploring the wonderful places our country has to offer that’s off the beaten track. That’s great! So, let’s get you ready to tackle any adventure that might come your way. You’ll need a powerful 4×4 vehicle and a quality off-road trailer that can handle the rough terrain you’ll be crossing, while also providing you with everything you need to camp in comfort while out in the wild.

To help you find a quality off-road trailer that will live up to your expectations, we’ve collected some of the best tips to keep in mind when looking at the options available on the market:

  1. Trailers Are Only as Good as the Materials It’s Made Of

No matter how impressive an off-road trailer might look, it’s durability and practicality will be determined by the quality of materials used in its construction. Conqueror, for example, uses motor industry-grade electrogalvanised steel rather than stainless steel in the manufacturing of its 4×4 trailers, and avoids materials such as nylon and fibreglass that is prone to deterioration over time.

  1. The Suspension and Chassis Must Be Durable

If you want to go off-road, you must be sure your trailer can handle the challenge. Conqueror trailers feature a hot-dipped galvanised, boxed A-frame and chassis, as well a fully independent, patented suspension with coil spring, trailing arms, and torsion bar for improved handling.

  1. You Need a Full Range of Quality Amenities and Accessories

While everybody’s camping styles may differ, there are some requirements that all camper trailers should meet to provide the necessary comfort and convenience. With Conqueror, you can be assured of plenty of cleverly positioned storage space (including jerry can holders, space for a gas bottle and tentpole storage, and clothing cupboards), rechargeable deep-cycle batteries, an external soft-touch LED light, a retractable kitchen drawer with dedicated fridge storage, gas burners, hot and cold water wash-up facilities, work surfaces, external shower, water tanks and geyser, fold-out beds, interior fans, camping table, fast setup awnings, and much more. In fact, the Conqueror trailers have everything you need to make your getaway as easy and convenient as possible.

While your choice of 4×4 vehicle is completely up to you, there’s only one brand to consider when you’re looking for a quality off-road trailer, and that’s Conqueror. Chosen by readers of the country’s top-selling caravan and camping resort guide, The Great Outdoors Guide, as the Off-Road Trailer of the Year for two years running, you know you’re signing up for the best quality you can find.