Explore Our Outdoor Campers

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 18, 2023

Experience the Great Outdoors in Style: Explore Our Outdoor Campers.

Sometimes, all you need to do is unplug, and what better way to do that than spending time exploring remote places in outdoor campers from Conqueror? Giving you sturdy shelter from the elements with the ability to tackle the most relentless topography, our outdoor campers are conveniently compact in design for easy towing and are surprisingly stylish and spacious when set up.

Reclaim Your Happiness in Outdoor Campers

Going on holidays and whimsical getaways is the best way to restore balance to an otherwise chaotic lifestyle. Our outdoor campers present benefits and opportunities that no other holiday can, leaving the choice of destination completely in your hands. It’s important that you reclaim your happiness, and our outdoor campers will give you the chance to destress, relax, reconnect with nature, and above all, unwind.

Creature Comforts Enveloped in Rugged Toughness

The exteriors of our outdoor campers have been constructed using a choice of materials that will withstand the rugged terrain that they will traverse through. When you open the door to your choice of Conqueror campers, you will be pleasantly surprised at the plethora of luxury and amenities on offer. Comfortable king-size beds await sleepy heads, ammo crates provide ample storage, and pull-out drawers for clothing and LED lights are a few of the comforts you can expect. We have even included vanity cupboards and outdoor showers.

Off-road Caravans

Cooking Around Campfires

If you have prepared yourself for cooking meals around a fire, chopping vegetables on a camping table, and hoping that your partner will be kind enough to hold the umbrella over you while you braai in the rain, our outdoor campers have another surprise up the “sleeve” or awning for you. Tucked neatly into the body of the camper is a retractable L-shaped kitchen sporting two-plate gas burners, washing-up basins, storage for groceries, and enough surface space to prepare meals. Should the weather work against you, we offer a selection of awnings, including Insta-Awn, to provide you with kitchen or all-round camper cover.

Where Some Seldom Tread

As much as you are cautioned by your designated navigator to stay on paths that sort of resemble roads, we know that you are going to test the endurance levels of our outdoor campers. And if, perhaps, your trail leads to you being stranded for a time, we’ve got you covered. Dedicated recovery points, nosecones with axe and spade mountings, jerry can holders, space for gas bottles, and two wet-bin compartments will see to your needs.

Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary

For those who want to rough it without really roughing it, our new edition, the Courage Platinum, will take on any challenge. This outdoor camper with a 1.8-ton independent suspension and all-terrain tyres is perfectly balanced, lightweight, and stocked with all the comfort and luxury that you have come to expect from Conqueror.

Whether your trail-blazing antics take you paragliding in Parys or kayaking amongst whales in Walvis Bay, our range of outdoor campers will get you there.