Durable Off-road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 18, 2021

If It’s Not a Durable Off-road Trailer, It’s Not a Real Off-road Trailer.

When you’re going off-road, you want to trust that your equipment is not going to break down. Few things are as inconvenient on a long trek through the bush as a broken trailer. If you are not lucky enough to have an easily fixed problem or the ability to call for help, you’ll probably have to stuff your vehicle with the perishables and leave your trailer where it is. Maybe you can take a few hours to drive to the nearest town for a part, or maybe no one has your specific suspension component.

No one wants to be in this situation, and that’s why Conqueror’s durable off-road trailers are the top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Durable Off-road Trailers Begin with a Solid Chassis

Our chassis components are designed to be fastened together with quality bolts, as opposed to being welded, and this design decision provides more than one benefit.

Firstly, having greater overlap between components helps to spread out any bending and twisting forces, as opposed to a welded joint, which concentrates all the force at the point of contact. This reduces overall strain and wear-and-tear in the chassis.

Secondly, fasteners allow for components to be separated relatively easily. This makes the chassis modular and allows for relatively easy replacement of damaged components.

The Toughest Materials

We understand that off-roading can take its toll on your vehicle and trailer. Bushes, branches, rocks and sand can be hard on your trailer’s body over hundreds of kilometres. Our durable off-road trailers and caravans are designed with this in mind, and feature the most durable body components and materials.

Our steel and aluminium parts are powder coated for excellent scratch and chip resistance. The thick coat does a better job of preventing damage to the metal underneath, which can then give rust a place to start forming.

The lighter aluminium is used where possible to reduce overall weight. This means less hard work for your suspension and tyres to do over rough ground, and ultimately more service life out of your wheels.

Our tent material is also chosen to be as durable as possible. Being the most vulnerable part of your camping trailer, the tent material has to stand up to items being accidentally dropped and scraped against it, long days of sun exposure, and other weather elements like wind and rain.

For this reason, we use only the most durable canvas for our tents. The ‘ripstop’ canvas is coated and weaved in such a way as to give it the best chance of stopping a tear while staying protected from the elements for years of use.

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