Durable Off-Road Trailer vs Spacious Caravan – Which is Best?

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 18, 2020

A Durable Off-Road Trailer Versus a Spacious Caravan: Which is Right for You?

With a country as awe-inspiring as South Africa, the best way to see it all – every unexplored corner – is with a 4×4 towing vehicle. This not only gives you the ability to take all your necessities along with you but also allows you to traverse terrain usually inaccessible to standard trailers or motorhomes. One question we often receive from campers and 4×4 adventurers alike is whether they should invest in a durable off-road trailer or a caravan instead. Both product ranges in our line are equally useful and hardwearing in their design and function. Selecting the right one for you all depends upon your camping and travelling needs. Here we discuss a few ways to figure out which of the two designs is best suited to your requirements.

An Off-Road Towable for the Ultimate Convenience

If you are looking for get-up-and-go convenience, then a durable off-road trailer is right for you. Our camper models are lightweight because we use aluminium in their construction. A lighter camper means less strain on your 4×4 vehicle as well as less fuel usage. Easy to set up, our campers are ready for use within minutes. A lower mass and profile mean that it is especially handy for travelling over tricky ground such as steep slopes, rocky land, and shallow riverbeds and streams.

Don’t let their small size fool you, though; each off-road trailer in our range comes with tons of smart space, making use of a modular design that allows for more storage than most similar products on the market today. You can also integrate an awning into your off-road trailer setup, which extends your living space and is perfect for more extended stays in a single location.

A 4×4 Caravan for a Home Away from Home

The words “tough” and “comfort” don’t always go too well together but both are features offered by our range of 4×4 caravans. Durable and tough, you’ll have a hard time finding another design in the industry that caters to liveability the way our range does. Caravans are generally larger and, as such, come with tons of spacious room for dining, working, making meals, entertainment, and storage. Though bigger, we utilise lightweight materials to ensure your caravan can go anywhere. Great for a holiday with friends and family, you won’t even miss home when travelling with a Conqueror caravan.

Our award-winning catalogue of products is proof of our commitment to excellence, top-notch engineering, and innovative design. To invest in a durable, off-road Conqueror trailer or caravan, pop into one of our branches for a visit today.