Durable Off-Road Trailers & Caravans

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 22, 2021

Durable Off-Road Trailer and Caravan Accessories.

Conqueror’s off-road trailers and caravans are most comfortable out in the rough; suspension rebounding as you navigate rocky paths and canvas awnings outstretched in the afternoon sun. There’s no doubt that our durable campers are ready for a trek, but the years have also taught us a few things about the little conveniences that the right gear can provide when you’re camping.

This has motivated us to produce and offer a selection of accessories that we believe are most useful. Some of the gear we crafted specifically to benefit or enhance our trailers and caravans, while we also offer a Conqueror take on generic camping gear.

Perhaps, more importantly for off-road driving and the rockier dirt roads, we sell travel blankets for the noses of our trailers and caravans. Each model has a slightly different blanket that goes with it, and these protect the body from rocks and excessive dust or sand. They are composed of a durable PVC outer skin, sponge inlay, woven inner skin, and zips for easy access to the nose storage.durable off-road trailers

In addition to this enhancement, we also have a number of handy items, such as the companion/bin bag. This bag is designed specifically to fit into the kitchen drawer with a dust-proof storage solution, while the kitchen is out. It can be used however you wish, of course, since it is just a big handy bag made of durable Ripstop canvas.

A range of chairs and durable awnings are available to make your living area as hospitable as you need, whether you’re a couple or a large travelling group. Set up your comfy sofa chairs under a customised awning with side panels, tent extensions and extra shade coverage as you see fit!

Another important aspect of off-road trips is the availability of electricity. Destinations can be limited if you rely on power points or battery life, so all of our campers are solar-ready. Moreover, we stock a gamut of solar panel components from a variety of panels through to controllers and extension cables. We also offer a charging kit that connects your vehicle with your trailer or caravan, so you can charge your caravan or trailers battery while hitting the road between stops.

There are even more useful bits and durable off-road trailer additions that we’ve made available for our customers, which you can have a look at HERE. Simply fill in an enquiry, and we will get back to you with more information about the product and any other questions you might have.