Conqueror’s Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 07, 2022

Versatile Off-Road Capabilities of Conqueror’s Camping Trailers   

Whether it’s the thrill of adventure that you are after or meandering through the vast landscape that South Africa has to offer, Conqueror has a range of camping trailers that will get you there. Our camping trailers are versatile with off-road capabilities that will leave you astounded and not stranded. All you have to decide on is which model is ideally suited to your journey, no matter where it may take you.

Adventure and Comfort in One Package

Each of our camping trailers, including the Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition and Compact Recce Limited Edition, are prepared to be put to the test traversing all types of terrain and, once you are where you want to be, they will provide a lavish level of comfort. Think of our campers as a home away from home that is built for all seasons, equipped for long stays and capable of taking you off the beaten track.

Rugged Design for Any Terrain

From the body right through to the chassis, our camping trailers have been built with one thought in mind – ruggedness. Everyone is tempted to explore the road less travelled, but many cannot get there and that is where our campers excel. Welding of our chassis components has been minimised and bolting the smaller components together has significantly reduced metal fatigue and the stress concentration zones on the chassis. This technique makes it easier to replace components in the unlikely event of damage. To keep corrosion at bay, once assembled, the chassis is hot-dipped galvanised preventing damage when it’s time for bundu-bashing.

Off-road Caravans

Off-Road Capabilities Like No Other

The body is made from lightweight materials which put less strain on your vehicle and lessen fuel consumption making it easier for you to tackle all road surfaces. Sporting all-terrain 16” tyres with alloy rims allow explorers, adventurers and travellers alike to take our camping trailers over dunes, through mountains and across shallow rivers without the fear of being weighed down by trailer weight and possibly getting stuck.

Your Own Mobile Campsite

Conqueror’s campers are rugged on the outside and surprisingly spacious on the inside. Making smart use of space through unique storage and layout design, you have all you could need and more. And if it’s extra space you are after, integrated awnings can extend your living area. If you find yourself yearning to stay at your destination a little longer or are gripped by wanderlust, the beauty of a camping trailer is that it is your own mobile campsite.

Matching their off-road capabilities with the versatility and freedom to explore wherever and whenever makes Conqueror’s camping trailers hard to pass up on. Reaching your destination is the easy part, but leaving it once you’re there might be the challenge.