Benefits of Solar Panels for Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 27, 2023

Keep the Lights On, even when Camping, with Solar Panels for Trailers

As much as you cannot wait to shake off the shackles of the urban jungle and escape to unknown destinations on paths less travelled, sometimes being without electricity for extended periods can be inconvenient. Foldable solar panels for trailers are compact and easy to use, allowing you to keep the lights on when camping in one of Conqueror’s 4×4 trailers.  

The Benefits of Solar Panels for Trailers

If you’re unsure whether you really need portable solar panels for trailers, then consider a few of the benefits that you can enjoy by having a direct source of power whilst camping:

  • If your chosen destination is a designated camping site, no additional expenses need to be incurred by plugging into the site’s electricity source.
  • Solar panels for trailers provide you with greater flexibility as you have your energy source with you wherever you go allowing you to set up camp in remote locations.
  • They are very user-friendly and easily transportable
  • Having a reliable source of power, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, provides you with a sense of security knowing that you can charge and use your mobile device in the event of an emergency.

Keep Yourself in the Shade and Your Panels in the Sun

Our solar panels for campers can power several devices for quite some time. Make sure that once you have arrived at your selected destination, you park your trailer in the shade and place the panels in the sun. Once the panels are fully charged, they will provide you with enough power for up to a week whilst you are enjoying your stay. Collapsible supporting legs can tilt the panels at 45 degrees providing maximum exposure to the sun, especially when travelling during the colder months. To ensure that your panels don’t get blown away by the wind, each panel section can be secured with ground pegs or rope. Conqueror’s tri-fold solar panels are compact, taking up very little packing space.


Solar Options for Campers

Conqueror’s range of 4×4 trailers are custom fitted with two deep-cycle batteries and a 12V Anderson plug for direct current charging from your vehicle or the solar panels. Our Baja solar panels provide you with 105W of power, while the Mojave offers 150W. The control panels on our Comfort Platinum Edition and Compact Platinum Edition can be upgraded to include MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar regulators to optimise the panel’s efficiency.

If you require more power from your solar panels, our Comfort Recce Limited Edition and Compact Recce Limited Edition come standard equipped with 210W foldable solar panels and MPPT solar controller. With Conqueror, you will never be left in the dark.

Conqueror’s philosophy of continuous improvement, comfort and durability has made us the leader in off-road camper design and manufacturing. Contact us to find out more.