Advantages of a Folding Caravan Awning

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 17, 2023

Enhance Your Caravan Experience: Discover the Advantages of a Folding Caravan Awning

When it comes to investing in a caravan, it stands to reason that you need to make sure that you have all the necessary accessories to make your home away from home more comfortable and spacious. At Conqueror, we offer adventure-seeking enthusiasts a folding caravan awning to protect your caravan from the elements and extend living or sleeping spaces, should you meet up with family or friends along the way.

Folding Caravan Awnings Designed for Ease of Use

At Conqueror, we want you to enjoy every moment when travelling and camping to undetermined destinations and have included a folding caravan awning in the market that is quick to set up. Selecting aluminium over other materials for the arms and integrated drop-down legs gives you a material that is lightweight and resistant to corrosion, making it easier for the kids to get involved with setting it up. With our folding caravan awning, there is no need to weigh down your car or caravan with excess tent poles.

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Cover on Rainy Days  

Unlike other awnings, our folding caravan awning has been carefully designed to fit seamlessly on your caravan, preventing any water leakage. The beauty of our awnings is that, should the weather turn and you find yourself stranded for days on end seeking shelter from the rain, we have a steep awning pitch with an easy-to-lift leg extension, ideal for draining excess water. This alleviates the possibility of the canvas being destroyed or tearing under the weight of the water.

Durable Awning Material

Together with the careful selection of materials for the arms and legs of our folding caravan awning, we realised that the fabric for our awnings needs to provide adequate protection from the elements and withstand constant use. We selected to use Ripstop canvas for the awning, which is uniquely woven from two synthetic materials, providing a cover that is extremely resistant to wear and tear and that gives you excellent insulation whilst allowing fresh air to flow through as well. With our awnings, you will always stay dry.

Lighting up Outdoor Areas

On warm evenings, there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting outdoors and enjoying a meal whilst basking under a blanket of stars. As our convenient retractable kitchen set-up opens under the awning, you have the option of LED lights in the swing arms of the folding caravan awning, making it easier to prepare meals or light the way for little ones before they are tucked in for the night.

Added Extras

Extend your outdoor space with our selection of six optional side panels and add-ons, especially if you find yourself with more people sleeping over than planned.

At Conqueror, we have put careful consideration and thought into every aspect of our caravans and folding caravan awnings to land you in the lap of luxury, comfort, and convenience when you get to your destination, wherever it may be.