Wide Selection of Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 24, 2021

Caravans for Sale.

You might be looking to get away for the weekend, for a full week, or maybe even a month. In every case, a Conqueror caravan is the ultimate solution to accommodation in both remote environments and caravan parks. With the arrival of a worldwide pandemic, there has never been more reason to get away from it all on a nice camping trip.

At Conqueror, we have a range of the best caravans for sale, that will go wherever you want and provide the convenience and durability that we have built a name on. We understand the need for a quality camper in the wilds of South Africa, as we’ve had our campers put to the test on these landscapes for over 30 years. Through these years of servicing the public, we’ve tuned our designs to have the perfect balance of toughness and the all-important convenience that makes a camping trip comfortable.

We have nine caravan packages on offer, each of which is tailored for different types of travellers. Our flagship range includes the Comfort and the Commander, and we also have the UEV range. The UEV caravans for sale feature all-new body and suspension designs, representing the drive to improve our designs continuously as new technologies become available. Check out these cutting-edge campers here.

Conqueror UEV-25

The Comfort and Commander caravans for sale are our pride and joy, having resulted from our decades of experience thus far. Therefore, we offer a few different packages for sale with these great campers, being the Platinum and Recce Editions.

The Platinum Editions come standard with the bells and whistles that are usually optional, like Dagger Alloy rims and internal cabin fans. The Recce Edition caravans for sale are beefed up even further with upgrades like independent air suspension systems as well as a full outfit of accessories like cutlery and crockery, bedding, ground sheets, solar panels, a full 360 awning and much more. Proceeds from the sale of these Recce Edition caravans also go toward helping out the South African Special Forces Association, which was created for retired military veterans.

Once you hit the road with your new or used Conqueror caravan, you’ll have the support of our extensive service and repairs network, which spans from coast to coast across Southern Africa. You can rely on expert advice and repairs so you can tackle the trips that others only dream of.

Get in touch today to find out more about our great range of caravans for sale.