Unparalleled Quality Off-Road Caravans

by Conqueror Admin | May 28, 2020

Why Conqueror Off-Road Caravans Take Camping to the Next Level

Inside the heart of every human exists the call of the wild. Something in us yearns to get back in touch with nature whenever we can. Many ignore this profound longing for the mountains, valleys, and untamed bushveld. But those of us who pursue the adventure to which our souls are drawn know that nothing else is quite as satisfying as a fire under the open night sky. Part of discovering all the raw beauty our continent has to offer means going off the beaten track and exploring trails not yet created. Doing this requires the right tools and equipment, and one of our world-class off-road caravans to take a piece of home with you wherever you go.

We Prioritise Our Customers’ Needs

Our off-road caravans are not your average 4×4 towable vehicles. It’s a new way of living and doing life – and engaging whole-heartedly in the journey without a care in the world. Our aim was to take the stress and fuss out of camping and traversing tough trails and making the adventure as fulfilling as possible. Having had experience in the industry for over 30 years, we started by manufacturing military-grade trailers before we realised that campers want luxury too. Fusing our knowledge of vehicles built to last with the evident gap in the market for comfortable camping, our off-road caravans raise the bar when it comes to industry standards.

We Deliver Unparalleled Quality

Not sure our off-road caravans are up for the test? Plenty of happy South African customers have put our models through the wringer, always pleasantly surprised that Conqueror caravans can roll with all the punches. Navigating rugged, uneven terrain is no problem for our products, and you will find that come rain or shine, uphill or downhill, or any unforgiving landscape, your caravan is not going to call it quits. We use electro-galvanised steel for the chassis and frames of our caravans which is resistant to corrosion, as well as aluminium for furniture and doors to ensure lighter travelling. Creature comforts such as a large bed, spacious kitchen and work area, and luxury features like plumbing mean you don’t have to compromise on feeling at home in your model. We also offer nationwide support with our dealer network, so no matter where you find yourself, we are always here to help.

The truth is, you won’t find better than our award-winning range of products and accessories, and investing in a Conqueror caravan means affording yourself the best possible camping journey. If you have any questions or would like advice on selecting a model, have a chat with us here.