Caravans for sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 17, 2022

Caravans for sale that are perfect for every South African

South Africa is a country that is full of diversity, natural wonders and countryside that changes from province to province. Whether you love the beach or prefer a more secluded inland retreat, with the range of caravans for sale in South Africa, your holiday will be complete. No need to spend a fortune on accommodation, all you need is a trusted caravan to take you on your journey from coast to coast. After all, caravans are perfect for every South African.

Choices abound

With the wide range of choices of caravans for sale in South Africa, you need to make sure that the type you choose meets all your requirements. Before buying caravans, you must take into consideration the terrains you will be travelling on, the space needed, and the extras required to make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable.

Conqueror’s campers for sale range from basic to luxury and will provide you with all that you could ask for with a little bit more making your holiday an experience you will never forget. From the Commander Classic right through to the luxury off-road UEV-25, think of our range as a home on wheels.

4x4 trailers

Exploring the great outdoors

Not all caravans for sale can get you where you need to go. Let Conqueror’s off-road campers take you on your next great outdoor adventure. Our Commander Classic, Commander Platinum Edition, Commander Recce Limited Edition, Companion Classic, Companion Platinum Edition, Companion Recce Limited Edition, UEV-14, UEV-17 and UEV-25 models of off-road campers will give you an ultimate holiday destination in comfort.

We cater for the tamed and untamed caravanning enthusiast. Our off-road campers’ suspensions allow you to reach destinations that are off the beaten path and as there are a lot of nooks and crannies to uncover, you won’t be tied down by designated camping spots. With comfortable beds, ample interior space, exterior kitchen areas that have all you need, hot water geysers and additional extras, like water tanks, jerry cans and gas bottles; everything that you could possibly need is at your fingertips.

Weather or not

In South Africa, the weather is ever-changing, so you need to be prepared. The start of a sunny journey might end in a stormy one and making sure you are equipped for this with the various caravans for sale is where we come in. With durable exteriors that can handle extreme and varying weather conditions and Insta-Awn providing shade for the rear of your camper and kitchen, we have you covered.

Our off-road campers for sale are perfect for every South African, no matter how uniquely different they are. Let Conqueror help narrow down your choice of caravans for sale in South Africa by getting in touch with us or purchasing one of our off-road caravans. Your journey starts here.