Top Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Aug 16, 2023

Gear Up for Unforgettable Getaways: Exploring the Top Camping Trailers for Ultimate Outdoor Comfort

Going on an off-road adventure doesn’t necessarily equate to tents, loads of camping gear, and lengths of tarpaulin to keep you semi-dry when you select camping trailers from Conqueror. Our range of camping trailers are uniquely designed and manufactured for exploring remote and rugged terrain and land you in the lap of comfort and luxury when you get there.

A New View on Roughing It with Conqueror Camping Trailers

As much as the thought of roughing it appeals to thrill seekers, often, the reality leaves a lot to be desired. Spending hours navigating the inner workings of tent poles, keeping your perishables in the tent away from snack-hungry insects, and settling down for the night on what only feels like a bed of nails is not the ideal way to energise your body before exploration awaits.

Camping trailers from Conqueror provide you with a simplistic, easy-to-access interior and exterior layout that will rival most star-studded hotels. From comfortable mattresses to ample storage and a kitchen layout that is second to none, your stay in a Conqueror camping trailer might have you curtailing your adventures for a while.

4x4 Trailer

Conqueror Won’t Leave You Stranded

Should your pleasure-seeking thrills keep you in remote locations for longer than anticipated, Conqueror camping trailers won’t leave you stranded. Dedicated external storage for emergency supplies, such as petrol and gas, as well as storage racks for other essentials will keep those campfires burning and empty stomachs fed. A low centre of gravity tank with an auto shut-off water pump holds enough water to be fed through an integrated plumbing system hooked up to a hot water geyser supplying both the pull-out shower and kitchen.

If you should find yourself in a bit of a pickle, the front of our trailers has a 610-litre nosecone with a dedicated grass slasher, axe, and spade mountings.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

After spending hours exploring your surrounds, you need to relax and take in the panoramic vistas. Our retractable kitchens with designated cutlery and crockery storage as well as easy-to-access storage drawers and crates keep your food items safe and dry so that you can quickly whip up some sides on the integrated two-plate gas burners before putting a chop or two on the braai.

Extend Your Space

We don’t know where your adventure is going to take you, and with that in mind, have a selection of awnings to keep you sheltered. Should the sunny skies turn dark and you haven’t finished preparing a meal or desperately need that cup of coffee, our uniquely designed Insta Awn with integrated drop-down legs can be set up in mere minutes. Should you find yourself with some unexpected guests, add-on awnings can open up the exterior floor space.

Your adventure starts when you hook up your camping trailer. Enjoy taking the long way around, through paths less travelled, and feast your eyes on sights seldom seen with Conqueror.