The Conqueror UEV-14

by Conqueror Admin | Apr 26, 2021

Conqueror UEV-14.

Conqueror caravans set a high standard for off-roading and camping convenience. This trend runs through our entire range right down to our smallest caravan, the UEV-14. This lightweight caravan is perfect for couples who want to get away from it all.

The UEV-14 is, first of all, no problem to tow. Just like the rest of the Conqueror trailers and caravans range, the underlying design philosophy of durability and off-road suitability means that the towing experience is as good as it gets. Independent Coil suspension with double shock absorbers keep the body stable on roads and rocks alike, and the GVM of 1400kgs, combined with a 4.3m length, makes it the most nimble caravan in our range.

Once set up, the UEV-14 delivers comfort with ease. Several cupboards and drawers provide ample interior storage, and a comfortable double bed with optional fans will get you that good night’s sleep no matter how far from home you are.

Conqueror UEV-14

Externally, the classic Conqueror pull-out kitchen has everything you need including hot and cold water, a 2-plate gas burner, food storage space and dedicated fridge space. All of this is easily accessed with a few latches and a little pull. There’s also a 270-degree awning that folds out to shade the kitchen and living area as well as the rear of the UEV-14. On the other side of the caravan you’ll find a fully-plumbed hot and cold shower cubicle, so you don’t have to rely on the kettle for a warm wash.

The UEV-14 has two deep-cycle batteries, that will supply power to all the appliances and lights in the caravan, as well as powering plug points. The centralised power controller will give you all the information you need about power consumption and allow for easy power management. The whole system is also fully solar compatible, so you can incorporate solar panels for increased range and time spent in the beautiful countryside.

The UEV-14 frame is constructed from aluminium which has been epoxy coated, for maximum resistance to wear and tear. The frame and body construction of all of our campers is always done with rugged off-road terrain in mind. As such, we have kept the disadvantages of aluminium to a minimum, so you can enjoy the benefits it brings. This light frame enables the UEV-14 to shave 400kgs off of its GVM, when compared to the Conqueror Companion, which has a similar size. This means lower fuel costs and better towing, especially over obstacles like rocks, mud and sand.

Have a closer look at the Conqueror UEV-14 HERE, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.