Striking a Balance With a 4×4 Camping Trailer

by dewet | Nov 24, 2021

Are 4×4 Trailers Worth It?

A 4×4 trailer might seem like an intimidating investment to make when you already have years of tents and associated equipment in your collection, but nothing beats a 4×4 camping trailer at striking the balance of comfort and convenience with that authentic outdoors experience.

Firstly, in terms of sheer cargo volume, a trailer is best. Having one allows you to pack and enjoy the use of many more items than what you might have squeezed into the boot of your car. That means more food and supplies, enabling longer trips to more remote areas than otherwise accessible. It also means that more toys, both big and small, can be brought along for the journey. 4x4 Trailer

When it comes to 4×4 driving, in particular, trailers can be useful for spreading the weight of your cargo over more wheels. Soft surfaces like sand, mud or soft soil can bring a heavily loaded vehicle to a standstill in what might be a very tricky spot to get out of. Having the option of a trailer can be very handy for 4×4 enthusiasts heading to the dunes, sandy beaches or muddy terrain.

Comfort and convenience are where Conqueror caravans and trailers really shine. Our designs are informed by decades of feedback from customers of all sorts to offer one of the best camping experiences available. Our trailers feature mounted tents that can be set up or packed away in a few easy minutes. These spacious tents can house double- or king-size beds big enough to fit a small family! This is along with plenty of storage and ample lighting.

On the exterior, the pull-out kitchen makes mealtimes a breeze. All your crockery and cutlery can be easily accessed and washed with hot and cold water supplied, like bringing the kitchen sink with you! The geyser also supplies hot water to the shower, so you don’t have to rely on spider-infested ablution blocks for a nice hot shower.

Lastly, it almost goes without saying that Conqueror 4×4 trailers are up to the task of going off-road. Sporting some of the most durable materials and efficient designs, our campers excel in rough terrain. Everything from the tyres to the bolts to the door seals is chosen with their durability, resilience and performance in mind.

Take a closer look at our rugged 4×4 trailers HERE and don’t hesitate to contact us about any inquiries you might have.