Solar Panel Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 18, 2021

Taking Your Camping Trailers Off-grid with Solar Panels.

Solar cell technology has come very far in the last few decades. This great green invention is becoming ever-more cost-efficient to produce and acquire, and the camping trailers and caravans we hire and sell at Conqueror are all ready to easily integrate a solar panel setup.

Solar power is becoming more and more popular among campers, not just for their environmentally friendly reputation, but for the great practical benefits.

Camping trailers using solar panels open up a much broader selection of sites, since you will not be reliant on other sources of electricity. Indeed, the best natural settings are the ones where there is no electrical infrastructure anyway. The fees for powered camping sites are also higher, so why not embrace the freedom to take your camping trailer wherever you want while still being able to charge devices and run lights and fridges?

Get the Right Panels

Flexible, amorphous solar panels come in very handy because they are so easy to pack. They can be deployed over most flat surfaces and can certainly get the job done in suitable conditions. Rigid solar panels have better efficiency than amorphous ones, but they have to be taken care of well. Mounting these on the roof of a vehicle or trailer is usually the best option, but portable deployable versions also exist. It’s all about choosing the rig that will suit your camping needs with minimal fuss.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Solar cells operate at different efficiencies in different temperatures; the difference is usually slight, but it’s a safe bet to get a panel that over-delivers in perfect conditions so that it can give your camping trailer’s batteries enough charge on the less-than-ideal days.  Peak operating temperatures vary between solar panels, so be sure to consider the most common temperatures for your outdoor trips.

Don’t be Passive

Solar panels operate their best when receiving full perpendicular sunlight. While this may not be possible to achieve at all hours of the day, any effort spent moving panels into better alignment with the sun will be repaid with more energy gathered.

Also be sure to dust off panels as best you can. Mounted panels are especially prone to becoming dusty from driving around, or just being hard to reach. Use microfiber cloths to avoid scratching the surface, and try a cheap mop handle with a microfiber attachment for rooftop panels.


All of our caravans and camping trailers are outfitted with deep-cycle batteries and a solar-ready controller/inverter, so you can charge devices. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.