Should You Buy a Camping Trailer?

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 17, 2020

Should You Buy a Camping Trailer?

Camping trailers come in very handy when you’re out in the bush, but you might be wondering if it’s really worth the extra bucks when compared to traditional tents and rooftop tents. Well, here are a few of the reasons they have become so popular around the world.

Space for Food, Water and Fuel

The most obvious benefit is all the extra space. A camping trailer allows you to pack much more food and water for your trip, so you don’t have to buy as much along the way, or you can go further into remote areas without running low on supplies. You can also carry more fuel, which can get you across a very remote stretch that you might be nervous about without the extra canisters. More space means more comfortable family camping. You can bring more things to keep the kids occupied and leave more open space in your vehicle for comfortable long-distance driving.

Store in Advance

Another big bonus with camping trailers is the ability to pack in advance for a trip. You can have it packed and ready to go long before your trip, with lots of time to remember that little thing you almost forgot. Then, on Friday afternoon, you can get home, hook up and go, without the long packing and “what else is there?” process. You can also leave your gear in your trailer between trips for more space in your garage: this way you’ll need to spend less time packing next time you want to go.


Campers compare favourably to rooftop tents, too. The trailer allows you to set up a base camp, meaning that you don’t have to pack up every time you want to drive somewhere for the day (or for some 4×4 driving!). Rooftop tents and other gear on your vehicle also raises the centre of gravity, making your vehicle less secure on the road at high speeds or in 4×4 situations. Additionally, there are the increased fuel costs when you’re just driving around town with gear attached, or the extra time spent attaching and detaching this gear before and after each trip.

Better Kitchen

A better kitchen is another big advantage with camping trailers, which usually have easy kitchen setups with sinks, taps and counter space. You don’t need to limit yourself to a plastic table or the back of your bakkie for food preparation and dishes.

Conqueror Camping Trailers

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