Select Caravans for Sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 22, 2021

Award-Winning Caravans for Sale in South Africa.

There are many contenders in the South African caravan market offering a great amount of variety to those excited to get out of the house. The question naturally arises though, which caravans for sale today are the best? This is a question that The Great Outdoors Guide, South Africa’s best-selling camping and resort destination magazine, has been asking for the past few years.

The Great Outdoors Guide runs a poll every year where people can go and vote for their favourite caravan, trailer, motorhome, or resort. Happy customers from all over the country have their say, and the winner is determined by the number of votes submitted by the people of South Africa.

We are proud to have been placed quite highly in the rankings for the last few years, having taken first and third place every year from 2017 to 2019! The voting is currently still open for 2020, and we have high hopes for our proud range. Each year our happy customers write in about their experiences with our campers, and their joyful stories and comments represent the goal that we strive for each and every year.

In 2017, it was the Conqueror Companion that brought home the title, with the Commander coming in third. These two great caravans are perfect representatives of our brand, with the iconic durability and convenience that has set Conqueror apart from all the other campers for sale today.

This pattern continued in 2018, but with the roles reversed, as our Commander won the people’s hearts. The Companion came in third that year, keeping the Conqueror name proudly within the top 3 caravans available for sale in South Africa.

In 2019, this dominance was confirmed again by the readers and voters, with the Commander once again taking the top spot and the Companion securing third place in the rankings. We are overjoyed to have such a satisfied customer base who inspires us to continue striving for excellence. The Great Outdoors Guide even referred to our Companion as a “little Hulk”!

Even after decades in the industry, we remain ever-evolving when it comes to our ranges. The UEV product line, which we will soon have available for sale throughout South Africa, is already building anticipation among caravanning enthusiasts. With a fresh approach to design and materials selection, we are confident that these campers will push beyond current expectations and set a new standard when it comes to luxury and convenience.

All of the campers mentioned in this article, as well as other products we have for sale, can be found HERE. Contact our expert team for more information.