Put Your Off-Road Trailers to the Test with These Challenging 4×4 Trails

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 30, 2019

Adrenaline junkies and expert 4×4 navigators have one thing in common: they both enjoy a tough trail. Of course, camping with specialised vehicles like off-road trailers is part of this experience, and not every brand can withstand such conditions. At Conqueror, however, we ensure our military-grade off-road trailers are up to the task – so you need only focus on the road ahead. If you are keen to update your bucket list with a few of South Africa’s most demanding 4×4 trails, have a look at some of our favourites:

  • Located only 30 km outside Brits, the Moegatle 4×4 trail is revered by amateur and expert drivers alike. Known as one of the country’s terror trails, Moegatle is equally intimidating and tricky. The terrain on the course includes solid and loose rock, water, muddy ground, and sand. The 34-km trail takes five to six hours to finish (depending upon your skill) and once completed, offers camping grounds complete with plenty of facilities.
  • At Se Gat. For those looking to take their off-road trailers somewhere a little more scenic, At Se Gat offers the right balance between natural beauty and challenging obstacles. The varied terrain accommodates experienced and beginner drivers alike, and the camping grounds make traversing this trail entirely worthwhile.
  • The Buffalo Gorge. Situated 36 km from Middelburg, Mpumalanga’s Buffalo Gorge is a fantastic trail that features a circular route. At 18 km long (with an estimated four hours to navigate), Buffalo Gorge allows drivers to tow their off-road camping trailers over everything from steep hills to tricky river crossings.
  • Carnage Canyon. Some 4×4 enthusiasts get a kick out of the visceral thrill that comes with exploring dangerous territory. If you are such an individual, then Carnage Canyon is your cup of tea. The trail is primarily located within a riverbed lined with colossal rock formations and obstacles at every turn. For 6,2 km of extreme terrain meant for highly experienced drivers, this Grade 5 course is ideal.
  • The Grootwater Trail. The Grootwater route is made up of several, shorter courses equalling 23 km. Rocky ground and mud during the rainy season are great for those seeking an off-road adventure. Right along the banks of the Poer-se-Loop River in the Waterberg region, this trail has a rating of one to five, depending on your chosen courses.

If you are ready to kickstart your adventure over unyielding, rugged terrain, then our off-road camping trailers are undoubtedly prepared for any adversity. For more information on our models, give us a call today.