Precision with the Commander X

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 29, 2024

Commander X: Unveiling Its Features and Capabilities

The open road conjures up images of breathtaking scenery, winding country roads, feelings of freedom, and adventure. How you do that and get there by not being tied down to a specific destination is simple when you select Conqueror’s Commander X, the ideal on- and off-road travelling companion.

Unparalleled Design Precision with the Commander X

At Conqueror, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries in design parameters. With the Commander X, we used the same blueprint as the award-winning Commander Classic and added a few extras for increased comfort and superior off-road capabilities. Our industry-first “Quick-Fold” side bed included in our urban escape vehicle range, which was introduced to provide additional sleeping space, made us realise that this newly patented design can be incorporated into the Commander X in a slightly different way.

Built Indoors, Used Outdoors

With most of our caravans sporting outdoor shower facilities, we wanted to offer our customers a shower that could be accessed from the inside without taking up space. Enter the “Quick-Fold” concept. Folding out from the right-hand door is a shower that is completely level with the floor of the caravan, making it possible for you to shower more comfortably indoors, keeping the water and damp outside.

Bearing in mind that our caravans are taken on lengthy road trips through tough terrain, with the ultimate camping site being anything from flat ground to gravel paths, we have included an internal slide-out porta-potty for your convenience. Ablution facilities are a thing of the past with the new level of camping comfort afforded by the Commander X.

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New Level of Space and Comfort

While constantly evolving concepts, we concentrated on giving you more volume. Higher-volume, pop-up pneumatic or gas-lift roofs now encompass a new voluminous fold-out front bed for extra sleeping space and comfort. Adventuring from Namaqua to Namibia is easier when you don’t have extra stops to make for necessities. We have increased the volume of the storage capacity in the grocery cupboards, storage bins, and nose cones, giving you ample opportunity to stay off the beaten track for as long as you need to explore and create memories along the way.

No Road is a Challenge

Our philosophy of continued improvement includes the improved on and off-road handling of the Commander X. Upgrading from conventional solid beam axles to an independent suspension has greatly improved axle articulation over obstacles and increased ride heights for a superior-quality driving experience. The independent suspension offers a softer ride, translating into a more pleasant towing experience. At Conqueror, we want you to enjoy both tarred roads and paths less travelled, even if that path extends to corrugated and dirt roads.

Nothing beats the flexibility that road trips offer, with no flight schedules or predetermined routes dictating the way. Our Commander X is ready to take you on an epic journey of exploration. Contact us today.