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by Conqueror Admin | Aug 17, 2022

Outdoor Trailers – Get away Whenever and as Often as You Like

Have you ever given any thought to why we yearn for vacations? Most likely, the advantages to your body and mind are what spur this desire. Recent studies indicate that persons who frequently travel are considerably better able to withstand and bounce back from stress. Why does this occur, then? Because, to put it simply, we live better. When you have your own outdoor trailer, you can go on vacation whenever you want, without having to wait months between trips.

Creating the Perfect Balance

Outdoor trailers are the perfect balance between camping and caravanning, offering organised storage, open sleeping places and cooking facilities. With Conqueror’s range of outdoor trailers, including the Comfort Recce Limited Edition, Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Recce Limited Edition and Compact Platinum Edition, you can master the balance.

Perfect for two to four persons, the Comfort Platinum and Compact Platinum Editions offer you enough sleeping and storage space. Vanity cupboards and LED lights inside the outdoor trailers add a touch of comfort. Heavy-duty ripstop canvas tents are set up in minutes, providing you with ample living area space. With unparalleled kitchen layouts, hot and cold water on demand, as well as sufficient external storage, you won’t feel like you have compromised on any of the necessities that make a home well, home.

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The Only One of Its Kind

What sets the Comfort Recce Limited and Compact Recce Limited Editions apart from other outdoor trailers are their unique features. Together with all the comfort that you have come to expect from the Conqueror brand, the Comfort Recce Limited and Compact Recce Limited Editions come standard with Recce-branded accessories, aluminium camping tables, stainless steel fridges, solar panels, ground sheets and more, making them the ultimate outdoor trailers.

Durable and Long Lasting

Outdoor trailer purchases will pay off in a big way over time. Conqueror has made sure that its outdoor trailers are made with a blend of aluminium and motor industry-grade, electro-galvanized steel to ensure that your investment will survive. In the case of damage, panel replacement is made simple by modular design. Our distinctive design and assembly methods, which we adapted from the aerospace sector, dramatically minimise metal fatigue and enhance body flex, making the trailer more resilient and long-lasting.

Looks Can Be Deceptive

Our outdoor trailers might look lightweight but don’t be deceived. The structural components are designed and manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight, allowing your adventurous spirit to lead you onto those beaten tracks. The epoxy coating will protect your trailer from scratches, chipping, wear and fade.

Before planning your next excursion, consider taking a break in outdoor trailers with Conqueror. With us, there is an adventure waiting for you around every corner.