Outdoor Caravans Range

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 27, 2023

Conqueror’s Outdoor Caravans Offer Luxury, Durability and the Freedom to Explore

The limitations of some outdoor caravans may see you travelling tarred or gravelled roads to pre-determined caravan sites. Should you yearn to reach destinations unknown, there is an award-winning accommodation vehicle that will take you almost anywhere to enjoy the natural splendour that Africa has to offer. With a passport in your hand and Conqueror by your side, the sun-kissed dunes, unkempt wilderness and vast oceans beyond our country’s borders are also yours to explore.

Individual Unique Features

Conqueror’s outdoor caravans have been designed and manufactured to handle both on and off-road obstacles whilst affording a level of comfort and luxury. So, when the time comes to stop, all you need to do is set up camp and enjoy the views. Our Commander Recce Limited Edition, Companion Recce Limited Edition, Commander Platinum Edition, Commander Classic, Companion Platinum Edition, Companion Classic, UEV-14i, UEV-14, UEV-17 and UEV-25 models all have individual unique features that set them apart from others.


Compact Yet Surprisingly Spacious

To add extra space to our outdoor caravans, we have increased the storage capacity of our grocery cupboards and made use of the available space to provide enough packing room by including additional storage in the access doors. Rear double-bed areas can easily be converted into a dinette, perfect for those days when sitting around a campfire isn’t an option. The hard-wall design of Conqueror’s fold-out panels provides our outdoor caravans with an extra secure living space. Pneumatic pop-up roofs extend the height giving you enough room to move around comfortably.

Luxurious Design with Practical Features

Before traversing destinations unknown, make sure that, besides the luxuries and creature comforts, you have the necessities too. Conqueror’s range of outdoor caravans ensures that you have all the amenities you could need with fully integrated plumbing, access to hot water, indoor and outdoor shower facilities, ample storage space as well as fridges to keep your drinks cool whilst negotiating the harsh African sun. Conveniently stored gas bottles, jerry can holders and rear storage racks will make sure that your excursions into the Namib desert will not leave you stranded or without essential supplies.

Exploring the wild, untamed terrains means that you could land up having to dig yourself out of trouble, our dedicated axe and spade mountings are conveniently accessible when you find yourself in a pickle.

Have the Freedom to Move with Conqueror

Focusing on luxury and comfort whilst retaining the rugged exterior expected from the Conqueror brand has made our range of outdoor caravans an unstoppable force for off-the-beaten-track getaways, and we have the awards to prove it. Outdoor caravans go where you go affording you the freedom of steering yourself in any direction that you choose. Talk to our team today.