Off-road Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Sep 09, 2021

Off-road Caravans for Sale.

The sight of a caravan or camper trailer bumping and twisting over rocks is a rare thing. Rare moments like these are only found by those who know where to drive, and how to drive, and what to bring with them. It is in these moments, covered in mud, when Conqueror caravans shine.

It’s little wonder that Conqueror campers have ended up so tough, given what they were put through in the beginning. We had the most scrupulous quality control you can imagine: military service. Our early designs were dragged across the veld day after day and endlessly packed and unpacked, for months at a time.

Conquerors got tough the hard way. Now, all our caravans for sale feature a galvanised modular frame, and thick powder coating on much of the bodywork. The body itself is constructed of lightweight aluminium and insulation materials. Weight savings and a structure that’s easy to repair were among the most important lessons learned from the quality control experience.

caravans for sale

The convenience that now characterises our caravans for sale is also rooted in those early days, since a speedy pack-up is absolutely essential for military use. The design principles that emerged then are still benefitting our customers around the world.

A few years of this trial by fire and we ended up with a great fleet of campers, but it was just the beginning. All the trials our campers had been put through had been instructive, but the next step would be no easier, because an infinite array of challenges came with making our caravans for sale to the public.

Over the years, we have had many successful line-ups for sale, each one bringing improvements over the last. At the moment, we have five models of caravans for sale, with the established Companion and Commander duo, and the state-of-the-art UEV line.

Our new Urban Escape Vehicle (UEV) line features a redesigned independent suspension system. Independent suspension, with coil springs, trailing arms and torsion bars, is capable of articulation over obstacles and smoother rides over corrugated surfaces. This, along with a few other materials and design changes as well as a focus on added luxury and comfort, is sure to make the rugged UEVs stand out among modern caravans.

The details of each of our caravans for sale are laid out simply on their respective web pages, where you will find specifications, features and sale prices. Please contact our expert team if you have any queries. We look forward to assisting you to get out there and start making memories in your Conqueror caravans.