Off-road Caravans for sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 25, 2021

Off-road Caravans for sale in South Africa

Driving around, you’ve likely seen some classic caravan designs for sale. A big white box might fit everything you need, but mainstream caravan designs have major drawbacks when it comes to navigating the rough expanses of South Africa, especially if you like a bit of off-road driving.

Conqueror caravans, on the other hand, are literally born and bred on South African soil. Few can match both the performance and luxury of our campers, ripping through the bush at speed, clearing rocks and cruising over soft sand before deploying into a veritable oasis with hot showers and shade for the whole crew.

On the performance side, remember that every Conqueror carries the lessons of military service. The unforgiving battlefield testing grounds that our early designs were pulled through left their mark in the form of design decisions and philosophies that are still part of every Conqueror for sale in South Africa today.

Our caravans, for example, are all rolling on unique patented suspension systems. We make use of independent suspension for the great suspension travel this allows, which gets your caravan over obstacles more safely and easily than beam axle designs. We also fit heavy-duty shock absorbers, which do a good job of reducing bumps and knocks on the driving surface, be it old tar road or corrugated beach trail.Caravans for sale in South Africa

From the wheels up, both the trailers and caravans for sale that we offer are as tough as is reasonably practical without some extra-terrestrial help. No corner-cutting or compromise here. Since that’s the kind of thing that gets you stuck in the middle of a battlefield. Every part, down to the screws and glue that we use, is chosen for its ability to perform the function required in harsh conditions, above all else.

Because of this, you’ll notice that Conqueror caravans look strikingly different from the other caravans for sale in South Africa. Powder-coated surfaces and weight-saving structural components immediately convey the underlying durability of our campers.

And there’s more than one option too! We currently have five different models of caravans for sale, with two camping trailer designs too, each with their own particular strengths and aptitudes. Whether you’re a lone ranger, an adventurous couple or a big busy group of family and friends, you’re sure to find the Conqueror to suit your camping style and to get you out enjoying the best that South Africa has to offer. Just reach out and we’ll help you find the caravans for sale that best suit your unique needs.