Off-Road 4×4 Trailers Range

by Conqueror Admin | May 25, 2022

Begin Your Off-Road Adventure with Conqueror

Do you remember your camping holidays with your family? Fighting in the car with your siblings, Mom and Dad just praying that they get to the campsite as quickly as possible and then, what feels like years later, you arrive at your destination. Back then, you had no choice but to camp at designated areas as the vehicles as well as the trailers could not traverse rough terrain. But times have changed! Now, you can get to that little hideaway that seems impossible to access with the right vehicles and 4×4 trailers.

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Conqueror can offer you all the off-road adventure that you could want with our range of 4×4 trailers. You can decide how comfy or rugged you want your holiday to be by investing in the Comfort Recce Limited Edition, Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Recce Limited Edition or the Compact Platinum Edition. Being in untraversed nature doesn’t mean that you need to give up on a few comfort items. Our 4×4 trailers appear tough and durable on the outside because they are, after all, military-approved, but, once they have been set up, you can enjoy a luxury living space.

The interior and additional layout space afford you ample living space. With luxurious beds, additional floor space that can be turned into a lounge area or additional sleeping space, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, you will be set to holiday in the untamed wild for as long as you want.

4x4 trailers

Just because you are in a remote destination, it doesn’t mean that you need to rely on splashes of cold water to keep yourself clean. Our models have geysers with integrated plumbing which means that you have hot water at all times.

Astounding Off-Road Capabilities

From the solid beam axles to all terrain tyres, there is practically no topography that can outsmart Conqueror’s 4×4 trailers. Hot dipped, galvanised Boxed A-Frame and chassis mean that our 4×4 trailers are reliable, long-lasting and provide complete protection, no matter what the elements throw your way. And taking your safety into consideration, for those extreme adventurers, there are dedicated recovery points.

From Dusk till Dawn, You Are Prepared

Solar panels, LED lights and so much more will make sure that you enjoy every moment of your retreat. Jerry cans supplied with our 4×4 trailers will guarantee that you don’t get stranded. For those days when the weather does not permit you to relish an open-air braai, gas bottles can be used to prepare your meals.

Let Conqueror take you on your journey into the unknown, knowing that our range will get you there safely and let you enjoy an epic experience. Get in touch to learn more.