Numerous Options for Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 22, 2021

Camping Trailers: The Options Are Numerous.

Camping trailers are coming in more varied shapes and sizes these days, and although the variety is great for getting exactly the right one for you, it can be hard to determine quality across so many different products. At Conqueror, we tend to focus on quality and let everything else sort itself out because we trust that happy customers will support us without the need for gimmicks and cost-cutting.

This lesson was learned the hard way since our first years were spent providing campers to the South African Military. As you can imagine, they were put through the most gruelling real-world performance tests imaginable, as they were pulled from corner to corner across the country.

The first and most important innovations we had to make were with the platform. Galvanised steel was able to resist corrosion and provide a very sturdy frame, but the extremes our trailers were facing would still cause damage every now and then. As a result, we decided to use a modular design for our frames, where each part can be detached from the frame for an easy replacement that can be repeated as often as needed. The use of fasteners to achieve this goal has the additional benefit of sharing forces among parts in a more gradual way when compared with welding.

The overall reduction in stresses, as well as the ease of service, has made this design the backbone of every Conqueror trailer and caravan since the early days. Another pressure that we have felt since those days is the need for ease-of-use, since the faster a camping trailer can be packed away, the better ability a military unit has to reposition with short notice. We optimised the packing and set up of our trailers as much as we could, and we still continue to innovate in this area. The results are camping trailers that are a breeze to work with, which take efficiency to the next level.

As we began to offer our products more to the private markets for leisure camping, we knew we had to step up the comfort and luxury of our products. We already had a super-tough and convenient camper with a range of amenities, and now they were going to become much more comfortable.

Double beds, electronics and a host of other living area improvements soon became standard with our range, and the campers started to really stick out on camping sites around the country.

This brings us to the present, where we have an outstanding range of caravans and camping trailers to suit any traveller. Check out our trailers in more detail HERE and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.