Luxury Off-Road Caravans Selection

by Conqueror Admin | Sep 29, 2021

Enhanced Luxury Off-Road Caravans.  

At Conqueror, we specialise in durable and convenient caravans. With one of our campers behind you, there’s no reason you can’t achieve luxury living even in the middle of the bushland. Where others achieve either off-road performance or exquisite luxury, we don’t see why the choice should have to exist when you can get a luxury off-road caravan killer combo.

As an example, take a look at our Commander Classic luxury off-road caravan. An off-road champ with fully independent suspension and heavy-duty shock absorbers, you can rest assured that the Commander will follow over rocks and obstacles with relative ease.

Importantly though, you’ll find luxury onboard in generous amounts. Of the two beds, one is wider than a super king-size bed! At 1.9m x 1.9m you could sleep a small family on this bed and still have breathing room. This bed can be converted into two single beds or a dinette area, with a few easy folds and flaps.

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12 internal cupboards and plenty of shelves will hold your luggage, which is kept dust-free on the road by a cabin pressure fan. This fan filters air and pushes it into the caravan body, creating higher pressure within during transit. This air then escapes through tiny gaps or holes that might not be possible to see, preventing any air from bringing sand or dust into the cabin during off-road stints.

Along with a ton of other handy features, the Commander caravan is already fit for a king, but it gets even better. Taking it up a notch, we offer our luxury off-road caravans and trailers in Platinum Editions. These include optional features that are available for the camper, like interior fans and a shower cubicle. Unwind and relax in a warm shower after a long day of outdoor fun, and you’ll know that comfort is a priority in a Conqueror.

For the ultimate off-road glamper, however, there is yet another level of luxury available. This comes in the form of our Recce Editions. The Commander Recce Limited Edition comes loaded with even more features! These include a media centre for playing DVDs, radio and an antenna for TV reception. The Recce Edition Commander is also solar-ready, so you never have to skimp on using appliances as you near the end of a trip.

These three levels of the Conqueror Commander luxury off-road caravans are really just serving suggestions. All of our upgrades are available for you to pick and choose as you customise your caravan for the ultimate off-road getaway. Our service centres will also keep you going with servicing and repairs available throughout Southern Africa.

Contact our team for more information about our great range of luxury off-road caravans, and bring yourself one step closer to living in luxury off the beaten path.