Luxury Off-Road Caravan Range

by Conqueror Admin | Apr 26, 2021

Luxury Off-road Caravan.

Conqueror campers are among the toughest in the world, with a particular aptitude for off-road and 4×4 trekking. But this doesn’t have to mean that luxury is knocked down on the list of priorities. All of our campers pack convenience and comfort into impressively-tough bodies, but our UEV-25 is the best example of a luxury off-road caravan.

The UEV-25 features a side fold-out double bed, which is characteristic of Conqueror caravans. This basically fits more into the caravan than its walls would allow, and gives you as much living space as possible. The fold-out section is comprised of solid panels, providing better insulation and protection than tent canvas. Another double bed at the head of the caravan gives it a sleeping capacity of 4.

The internal bathroom features a shower and a toilet, and is supplied with hot and cold water. It really wouldn’t be true luxury without a nice hot shower.

During daylight hours, though, the side bed can easily be reconfigured into a dining area, with a table and seats right by the window. This is adjacent to the relatively large internal fridge, making for easy living inside the caravan. There’s also an optional media centre, so you can spend the rainy days in the comfort of your luxury caravan.

 Luxury Off-Road Caravan

Stepping outside, a big 270-degree awning shelters the outside living area, where you have another fridge freezer in the nose cone. There’s also the convenient pull-out kitchen, outfitted with everything you need, like a hot and cold water wash-up facility, external pantry, plenty of storage space and even a 2-plate gas burner.

All of this luxury rolls around on the strongest platform you’re likely to find anywhere. We pride ourselves in producing the toughest and most off-road ready caravans, with the UEV-25 sporting an epoxy-coated light aluminium frame that resists scratches and chipping for a long life of service.

Four wheels with independent coil suspension and two shock absorbers each, carry your caravan over off-road surfaces with ease. The high-end suspension will provide the smoothest off-road ride possible, delivering luxury before you even get to your destination!

Our service and retail centres extensively cover Northern South Africa, and we also have branches in Bloemfontein, Gqeberha, and Cape Town. We even have a branch in Windhoek, Namibia and Northern Botswana, for the trekkers who need servicing far from home.

Have a closer look at the Conqueror UEV-25 HERE, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.