Luxury Off-Road Caravan Choices

by Conqueror Admin | Feb 23, 2022

Conqueror’s range – The only choice for a luxury off-road caravan.

The ultimate off-road getaway experience, especially into the remote beauty of our untouched African environments, is to enjoy as much of the natural beauty Africa has to offer.

Getting to the destination should be half the fun. Setting up and breaking down of the equipment should be effortless with as much adventure and new experiences crammed in between. Creating fond family memories filled with as many campfire stories as possible.

Worries of its durability; will it make the gruelling trip; will it be able to clear at the rear or will the axels have proper clearance should be the least of the problems to be solved. Thoughts of will there be damage to the infrastructure of the caravan under such gruelling conditions or will it all hold together for the trip should be replaced with keeping the kids occupied with game after game of “Punch Buggy”.

Having the right tools for the job is always the wise idea

Having Conqueror’s range of products and services at your disposal should be a prerequisite for the foundation of your toolbox.

Conqueror’s range oozes quality and rugged good looks, from entry-level units through to flagship products. Don’t be fooled by their light weight, fuel-saving construction. They travel and tow easily. They are reliable, compact and are as durable as they are tough. Intelligently protecting the luxury of an off-road caravan within a smartly designed infrastructure.

4x4 Trailer

With more than 30 years of award-winning expertise and patented designs using advanced, non-degradable and almost indestructible building materials, we are lengths ahead in the race for a unique luxury off-road caravan. The choice of configurations for designs and layouts are many, all with the key objectives of being user friendly, making setup and breaking down of equipment painless and uncomplicated.

Clever thought-out use of space increases the sense of the luxury off-road caravan

Well-placed and expert positioning of kitchens, washbasins, fridges and frost boxes, showers, ablution facilities and extended living areas gives an illusion of space with the apex of a luxury off-road caravan being the ingenious configuration of the luxurious comfort from lumber supporting mattresses set upon island designs and patent-protected, fold-out beds.

Out in the wild there is rarely running, drinkable water, ice-cold drinks or convenient power points. This is why Conqueror’s range includes holding tanks of up to 300 litres of water with consistent power supplied by clean energy solar panels and conveniently located gas bottles, thereby defining your luxury off-road caravan experience.

All this freedom to explore and connect with your adventurous spirit, wherever it might be, is possible for you with Conqueror’s range.