Holidays and Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 21, 2022

Holidays and Caravans for Sale Go Hand-in-Hand

The calendar has been pulled out; the dates have been circled, and all you need to do now is start the search for reasonable accommodation along the way. Yes, it is that time again, the school holidays are upon us. From coast to coast, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to activities to do during the school holidays. With a wide range of caravans for sale, your holiday woes are over. The best part about taking the trip in a caravan is that you don’t need to carry the burden of finding accommodation.

There are No Limitations with Conqueror

Whether you intend on roughing it or putting up your feet to enjoy the luxury of your surroundings, the caravans for sale at Conqueror will ensure that you have a holiday like no other. All you need to do is pull out the map, circle the towns where you’d like to make a stop and hit the open road. From the off road luxury afforded by the UEV-14, UEV-17, UEV-25, Commander Classic, Companion Classic, Companion Platinum Edition and Commander Platinum Edition to the off road capabilities of the Commander Recce Limited and Companion Recce Limited Editions, you will be spoilt for choice.

Combining Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Setting up camp has never been as easy as with Conqueror’s caravans for sale. The interior offers all the comfort that you could possibly need, from cosy beds, ample storage, and LED lights to, with certain models, interior fans, media centres, washbasins, vanities and upright fridge/freezers.

caravans for sale

The outdoor space afforded by Conqueror’s caravans for sale is like no other. Pull-out kitchens have dedicated storage for groceries with external pantries; enclosed shower cubicles provide you with instant hot water through the integrated plumbing and, for those days where braaiing is not an option, two-plate gas burners are available for cooking.

Keeping You Covered when You Need it Most

The biggest fear when it comes to remote destinations is running out of the essentials. Conqueror’s caravans for sale won’t leave you stranded as we have made sure that there is enough external storage for jerry cans, gas bottles and water tanks. As holidays in winter come with inclement weather, we have taken this into account with the addition of our durable InstaAwn providing much-needed cover from the elements.

Take Pleasure in Your Surroundings

While the kids go out and enjoy the holiday activities on offer, Mom and Dad can sit back and enjoy a sunset cocktail. Conqueror’s caravans for sale come with unique features to make your holiday more relaxing and, with the added touch of luxury, you will find that you will have all that you could possibly want and more. Contact us for expert assistance in choosing your ideal model.